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Where to Order Take-and-Bake Dinners and DIY Cooking Kits in Metro Detroit


Ultimately, your favorite local businesses and restaurant workers will need legislature support to save them. Community members can also use their dollars to support the local food industry by patronizing the open positions in the form of take-away orders. Buying meal sets and take-and-bake dinners is just one way to help the local economy and keep you and your family entertained and nourished while you order “stay home, stay safe” in Michigan. Below are some of the DIY eating and drinking options in Metro Detroit.

Did we miss a meal set or take away option? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll update the guide.

Detroit Vegan Soul (West): The DVS outpost in the West Village is closed, but the Grandmont Rosedale restaurant is still open with limited service. DVS not only offers pick-up at the roadside and contactless delivery, but also sells 7-day meal packages with soul platters and seitan-pepper steak, almond tempeh, a sweet and sour tofu bowl, spaghetti with meatballs, and a DVS burger Yam fries and coleslaw and an okra stew bowl. The cost is discounted at $ 75.

Bigalora Wood-Fired Cucina: In addition to offering a regular menu, the Bigalora restaurants also sell a sip of sauce and dough balls so customers can make their own pizzas at home. Select a location and place an order for pickup only using the Toast Tab app.

Pietrzyk dumplings: This Pierogi shop in Gratiot Central Market has just released Polish food boxes of different sizes depending on how many people are eating in your household. The simple $ 30 box is filled with a dozen pierogi, a quart of soup, an onion, and 8-ounce containers of sour cream and sauerkraut. Others offer kielbasa, bread, and mustard. Buy online for pickup or delivery within 20 miles. The restaurant also offers shipping.

Castalia: People looking to brush up on their cocktail skills while sitting inside should check out Castalia. The pint-sized Cass Corridor cocktail bar sells cocktail kits online for roadside collection. The bar has combined all the essential ingredients for a cocktail (without alcohol) with serving instructions for ice cubes. There are also jiggers, bar spoons, and ice cube trays for sale.

People: People do a little of everything from roadside groceries to a delivery menu, but the restaurant also prepares meal sets and boxes. The weekly farm box contains essentials like vegetables, yogurt, cheese, bacon, eggs and cereals, while the Sunday meal contains a rotating weekly meal with wine and fresh bread. Both boxes are priced at $ 50 and can be purchased online.

Beyond juice and food: This Metro Detroit juice bar chain offers touchless delivery and roadside pick-up for their “essentials kits” via a proprietary app. Pick your location and choose from salad kits, sausage kits, smoothie kits and more.

Zingermans Cornman Farms: Fill your freezer with meals prepared by Zingermans Cornman Farms. The restaurant and venue sell frozen products such as chicken spaetzle soup and bangers and porridge, which can be ordered online and picked up and warmed up at home at will.

Rocco’s Italian deli: This Italian deli and market in Cass Corridor sell take-and-bake food for roadside pickup. Choose from options like ziti with mushroom marinara and herb ricotta or the $ 50 menu. Menu items change daily and can be ordered online.

Ferndale project: The Ferndale Project does a little bit of everything, from delivering beer and cider to Detroit-style pizza. The brewery also offers frozen pies in flavors such as butter chicken and vegan apple.

Guerrilla food: This grassroots culinary organization (the same folks as Corktown’s Pink FlaminGo) have added a wider range of ready-made meals to their soup range – order them online.

Forest: Expect salads, spaghetti Bolognese, cheeseburgers and some imaginative daily specials at this Birmingham restaurant that offers family pick-up and delivery meals Tuesday through Saturday. The sister restaurant Phenicia is also open to upscale Lebanese food, though it’s more of a ready-to-eat menu.

Eve / Fried Shakes: Chef Eve Aronoff Fernandez offers a weekly three-course meal with a variety of options, from grilled Thai-style chicken to lasagna with clam ham. View the menu online and order from the Frita Batido website. Alternatively, you can just buy a Frita Batido sandwich kit. f

Coriander kitchen and farm: These farm-to-table caterers deliver weekly meals at home from a rotating menu that focuses on fresh vegetables with options for children as well. Order by Thursday noon so that it will be delivered the following Monday.

Funny pumpkin: Anyone who bakes in quarantine may be interested in the sourdough starter kit on sale at this cafe and brewery: for $ 5 you can get the starter, feeding instructions, and a pizza dough recipe.

Buddy’s Pizza: Detroit’s famous pizzeria still makes square cakes (and healthcare workers and first responders get 50 percent off with ID), but it also has a half-baked option (read, pizza you can bake at home). Phone orders between 1pm and 4pm and get $ 4 off boot.

Gray ghost: This hip hangout in Cass Corridor has a home cooking menu with options like barbecue spare ribs, meatloaf, and a burger kit. Order online and collect it from Thursday to Saturday.

Mabel Gray: Chef James Rigato’s Hazel Park destination just launched a takeaway menu that ranges from soups and baba ghanouj to a dry-aged wagyu steak kit. It is available Tuesday through Saturday. Orders should be placed one day in advance.

PizzaPlex: Customers can now purchase pizza kits as well as beer, wine, 00 flour and cheese at PizzaPlex in southwest Detroit. The restaurant also sells ready-to-bake bread dough. Order online for pickup or delivery with a minimum order of $ 40 and a fee of $ 10.

Mark: In addition to grocery packages, Marrow sells kits for a variety of items, including dumplings, ramen, paella, and spaghetti. Customers can place orders online for roadside collection.

The kitchen by cooking with Que: This New Center-based restaurant and chef training company offers vegan and pescatarian food preparation with contactless delivery. Packages are available from the online shop.

Shimmy Shack: This vegan restaurant in Plymouth sells ready-to-bake gluten-free and vegan dishes. Options change weekly, but previous menus featured enchilada casserole, creamy mushrooms and rice, and pasta casserole without tuna. Collection is possible on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. To order online, call 734-228-5990 or email [email protected]

Nosh Pit: Shop for items like vegan nacho cheese, vegan sloppy joe mix, and lentil chorizo ​​at this Hamtramck restaurant and food truck. Orders are accepted online.

Wolf: SheWolf’s Mercato shop has pasta kits, grills, take-away cookie dough, and more. The restaurant takes orders for roadside pickup by emailing [email protected] Include your name, phone number, and preferred pick-up time. More details and a full menu are available online.

New Age Cafe: The New Age Cafe in Clinton Township sells family specials Tuesday through Saturday with a rotating list of options. Keep track of the updates to New Age’s social media accounts.

Berkley Common: This Berkley-based restaurant and bar offers take-and-bake kits, family meals, and cocktail kits for roadside delivery and collection. Call 248-677-0795 to place orders.

Bobcat Bonnies Ferndale: Pick up cocktail kits at the Bobcat Bonnie’s 9 Mile location. The restaurant has options for mojitos, cucumber jalapeno mules, elderflower gin and tonics, margaritas, and more. Orders can be placed online.

Magnet and Takoi: This roadside market has returned with kits for khao soi soup, kimchi and gigante bean soup, as well as chicken dinners. Orders can be placed online for collection.

Social: Get kits for making your own steak and burger at home from Social in Birmingham. The restaurant takes orders for execution and delivery. Call 248-594-4200.

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