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Which Detroit Restaurants Are Reopening Dining Rooms?


Starting Monday June 8th, restaurants and bars across the state were legally welcoming customers back to the dining rooms for a seat or a drink. It is the first time a dine-in service has been permitted in the Detroit metropolitan area since the partial shutdown on March 16 due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

To resume regular service, food and drink facilities are limited to 50 percent of their previous seating capacity and must distribute tables and groups of chairs to maintain a social distance of six feet between groups. Employees must wear face masks and undergo health exams in addition to other state-mandated safety training and protocols. Customers are required to wear a mask over their nose and mouth when entering restaurants or exiting the table to prevent the virus from spreading.

As many restaurant owners can attest, reopening after three months of service changes or a full shutdown isn’t like flipping a switch. Much of the restaurants are having to hire, retrain, and reconfigure dining rooms while purchasing the correct personal protective equipment and disinfectants. Food supply chain problems arising from the novel coronavirus have also created additional barriers for restaurants trying to resume normal service with the menu items that customers expect.

At the same time, some restaurants are waiting to reopen dining rooms for the safety of employees and customers or to postpone regular service by a month. The following list contains restaurants that have resumed dine-in service. It’s best to call ahead for more information, as opening hours, official reopening dates and services are currently changing frequently.

If you decide to leave, remember to tip well and follow the rules set out by the restaurants. Nobody should have to tell you to wear a mask. And please, for the safety of yourself and others, stay home when you are sick, wash your hands and cover your cough with your elbow. For folks who’d prefer to stick with execution at this point, check out the latest cards from Eater or check out the guide to restaurants that only offer execution, delivery, and patio service.

Eater regularly adds new names. Send an email to [email protected] if something is missing from the list or if the services have changed.



Vicentes Cuban cuisine

Eatori market

Monarch Club (by appointment)

Queens Bar

Mootz Pizzeria + Bar


The Royce

Flood’s Bar & Grille

American Coney Island

The lantern


The fountain

Anchor rod

Level 2 bar & roof



Caucus Club

Brass Rail Pizza


Detroit bar

Greenwich Time Pub

Detroit Beer Co.

Buhl bar

The fountain

Bad luck (reservation only)

The Baltimore

Old Shillelagh

Pappy’s Bar & Grill


Parks & Rec


Wright & Co.

Niki’s pizza

Tommy’s Detroit Bar and Grill



Marina District


Jefferson Chalmers

Norma g’s

Coriander Kitchen & Farm (Patio only, contactless order)

New center

Yumvillage (private and special occasion dining, carryout, patio dining, and a neighborhood market will be available soon)



Cork & fork

Michigan and Trumbull (July 8th)

McShanes Irish Pub & Whiskey Bar

Nancy Whisky’s Bar

Motor City Wine

Mudgies Deli and Wine Bar (carryout, walk-in window, and terrace service only)

Two James Distillery

The sugar house

Mink (only patio)

Folk (only on the terrace, online ordering of groceries and take-away and a walk-in window)

Batch Brewing Company (patio seating only)

Takoi (first come, first served seating on the terrace with advance booking and a walk-in window for the bar)


Scotty Simpsons Fish & Chips

Palmer Park

Menjos complex

Southwest Detroit

Rincon Tropical

Antojitos El Catracho

La Palapa del Parian

The birth

The gallants

Giovanni’s restaurant

The grill

Bagley Central

Peso (Patio only service as well as implementation and delivery)

Palenque restaurant


Pie-Sci (only patio, please call in advance)

Core city

Magnet (Carryout can be pre-ordered with picnic-style seating in Core City Park)

Cass corridor

The fair

The bronx

The block


Rock City Restaurant

The Peterboro

Selden standard

The Whitney (Open for private functions, reopening for dine-in on September 9th)

Honestly, Johns

Union Street

Common pub

Third Street Bar / Turnip

Castalia (reservation only)

Alley Deck / Sgt. Pepperoni


Bookie’s Bar & Grill

Detroit Shipping Co (Patio only)

Temple Bar

8 degrees Plato

Hammer and Nail

Art center


Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails (July 8th)

Sugarhill Arts District


Morning side

Ye Olde Taproom

Brush park

Brush Street Bar & Grill

Gray ghost

Rivertown Warehouse District

Rattlesnake Club

Milwaukee Junction

Milwaukee Caffé

Sherwood Forest / Bagley / University District

Good times on the ave.

East market

Detroit Vineyards

Detroit City Distillery (service for outdoor tasting rooms on Riopelle Street only starting July 1)

Louie’s ham & corned beef

West Village

Mark (reservation only, pre-arranged meals)

Boston Edison

The Congregation (Patio Seating)





Hamido restaurant

Miller’s bar

TRIA restaurant in the Henry Hotel

Madison Heights

Cadillac Straights

At the Rocks Bar and Grill


Detroit Pho & Crab


Urbanrest Brewing

Voyager (Patio only)


Public house

Detroit Fleat

The fly trap

Toast Ferndale

J’s penalty area


Danny’s Irish Pub


White Wolf Patisserie

Three cats

Royal oak

Crispelli bread

Cafe Muse

Atomic Coffee

Jim Brady is

Iron Horse (July 7th)

D’Amato (July 7th)

Gusoline Alley

Ale Marys

Motor City Gas

Ronin sushi


Hazel, Ravines and Downtown / Hazel’s Lobster Pound (By reservation or online order for pickup or roadside delivery)




La Strada (by reservation only)

Griffin Claw

Hazel Park

Frame (only patio)


Kozy Lounge


Chives kitchen (ticket events, terrace reservations)

Farmington Hills

Cafe Cortina

Bloomfield Hills


Social kitchen

West Bloomfield

Stage Deli

Pickles & Rye Deli

Rochester Hills

Clubhouse BFD

Grosse Pointe Park

The Bricks Pizza (carryout orders accepted, patio and indoor seating available)

Red crown

Big punchline

Luxe bar and grill

Morning Glory coffee + pastries

St. Clair Shores

Butter Run Saloon


Artisan Foods Promenade


Lazybones smokehouse

Several locations

Ima (Corktown and Madison Heights are only on the terrace, Midtown has seating for dinner)

Shamrock pizza

Basement burger bar

Atwater Brewery

Buddy’s Pizza

Bobcat Bonnie


Pho Lucky

Joe Muer Seafood

Cinnamon rolls

Shields Pizza

Olga’s kitchen

This story was originally published on Tuesday June 9th.

• Detroit restaurants are taking cautious steps toward dine-in service [ED]
• All Michigan restaurants and bars are open for dine-in service on June 8th [ED]


Dusty Kennedy