Woman charged with stealing packages from Detroit porches


A woman was accused of stealing packages from the Detroit porch, Wayne County Attorney Kym Worthy said Wednesday.

Sade S. Scott, 33, of Southfield, allegedly picked up the packages from outside two houses in Detroit.

Authorities said Scott stole packages from a house on the 18940 block of Sorrento at around 1:40 p.m. on Saturday. She is accused of taking the contents out of the packages and throwing the box away in the driveway of the house.

The woman who owned the house reported the theft to the Detroit police.

Scott then allegedly went to a house on the Appoline Block of 18410 at 2:20 p.m. and stole a package from a Detroit man’s porch. The resident contacted the police to report the stolen package, according to prosecutors.

Scott was identified as a suspect in the December 20 thefts and arrested on the west side of Detroit the day before after a traffic obstruction. She was charged with two postal theft cases each.

Scott was tried in the 36th District Court and received a $ 1,500 loan. She is to be tried in court on January 6th before Judge Lynise Bryant.

The woman allegedly drove a stolen Range Rover from 2006 when she allegedly committed the crimes. She had packages with her and some other people’s credit cards, police said at a press conference on Sunday announcing the arrest.

“It appears that this person did this in a number of places,” said Michael Chambers, captain of the Detroit Police Department.

Most of the reports of the alleged thefts on the porch came from the city’s 12th district, but the thief could have struck in other areas in and out of town, Chambers added.