Worst-Case Scenario for Detroit Lions in 2021 NFL Draft


Given the organization’s track record, staying hopeful is quite a challenge.

However, it is our duty to point out what could go wrong on Thursday night on any of the designs.

If Atlanta falls in love with Kyle Pitts and chooses to vote him fourth, a realistic scenario could emerge that leaves Detroit hoping a team behind them will call for a quarterback.

In fifth place, the Cincinnati Bengals could pick Sewell to support and protect quarterback Joe Burrow, who will return to the NFL after a serious knee injury in his rookie campaign.

The Miami Dolphins are seated 6th and could try to step up their offensive by picking Chase a spot off Detroit.

Three marquee players would fall off the board, and Detroit would stare right at the fourth best quarterback remaining on the board.

Teams looking for a quarterback would light Detroit’s phone – but depending on the asking price, a deal may not go through, forcing Detroit to make choices.

Would Detroit quarterbacks pick Trey Lance or Justin Fields in 7th place?

Linebacker Micah Parsons isn’t a terrible pick but is widely considered a reach in the top 10.

In some of the latest draft certificates that have been released, Lions select an offensive lineman.

Rashawn Slater has the experience of playing multiple positions along the offensive line and his advantage is very appealing. But how often have the Lions picked the second best player in their position and let the player outshone the player with the greatest consensus?

A lot of hope would go into the equation if Atlanta didn’t pick a quarterback, but new general manager Brad Holmes and Co. need to find ways to add hope to supporters by choosing a player who will end up being highly productive for the organization .

Lance or Fields would look great in a hawk uniform, right?


Dusty Kennedy