Zack Sklar on his way to making a name for himself in metro Detroit restaurant scene


At the age of 28, Zack Sklar was just as convinced of his talent as a chef as he was of his ability to become a player in the Detroit metro restaurant scene.

I met Sklar about a month ago at his recently opened Mexican restaurant called Mexin Bloomfield Hills. The lunch break was busy preparing the restaurant for day-to-day business. The restaurant is opulent to say the least. Sklar said he spent about $ 2 million to make the former Big boy Looks more like a movie set than a burger joint. We talked briefly until we found a common culinary foundation: a shared love for simple food that was well done. I told him about my preference for authentic Mexican places like Taqueria Lupitas and Taqueria El Rey In southwest Detroit the ambience is lit up, but that serves my kind of food: authentic tacos in corn tortillas with onions, cilantro and nothing else. Sklar called one of his cooks and asked him to bring us a plate of carnitas, tortillas, onions and coriander. The tacos were delicious. In Detroit’s Mexicantown, this lunch-time dish with rice, beans, free chips, and salsa costs $ 3.50. If you add a Mexican Coke, you can be out and about for about $ 7 including tip. At Mex in the suburbs, two tacos, rice, and beans are $ 11. Add in chips and salsa ($ 4), a Mexican Coke ($ 4), and a 20 percent tip and you’re hooked for about $ 24. It’s an expensive lunch. But if the market is underserved and its people are coping with the price, who am I to complain?


Dusty Kennedy