3 Major Pop Stars Grew Up in Bucks County, PA

We live in a crowded area where it’s likely that some of us will become successful at some point. Pennsylvania is a very large state that is also the residence of some well-known celebrities. We often hear and see things about them in the news, hear their music on the radio, or come across their posts on social media. Did you know that three extremely famous and talented pop stars were actually raised in Bucks County, PA? It’s quite surprising!

There have been many celebrities in various fields throughout Bucks County. Many famous athletes, artists, inventors, and others have lived in Bucks County at some point in their lives. It’s incredible that we get to share the same area as these influential people!

Which 3 famous pop stars have lived in Bucks County, PA for a significant amount of time? It may surprise you to learn…

P!NK – Doylestown, PA

P!NK’s real name is Alecia Beth Moore and she is from Doylestown Township, Pennsylvania! She has released many popular songs over the years that we all know and love, such as “So What?”, “Perfect”, “Just Give Me A Reason”, and “Try”. P!NK is a very popular singer who became famous in the early 2000s. She is still making music and going on tours today!

Christina Perri – Bensalem, PA

Christina Perri is a singer who is currently 37 years old. She was raised in Bensalem. Her first hit song that made her very popular in the 2010s was called “Jar of Hearts.” Afterwards, she released her song called “A Thousand Years” for the Twilight movie and definitely made a big impact on the pop industry!

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Sabrina Carpenter – Quakertown, PA

Sabrina Carpenter is a pop singer and actress who is 24 years old. She is from Quakertown, PA. She has become very popular after releasing her singles Nonsense and Feather and is now one of the most listened to pop artists in the world. She was born in Quakertown and later moved to East Greenville, Pennsylvania. She began her career by appearing on the popular Disney Channel show Girl Meets World and has now become a sensation in the music industry.

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