4 kinds of rat poison found in Flaco the owl system when he tragically died

Flaco the Owl, who flew away from the Central Park Zoo and entertained people in New York City for over a year, was found to have been affected by herpesvirus and had been exposed to four different rat poisons when he died, according to a necropsy.

The Central Park Zoo has shared the findings of its examination on the Eurasian Eagle Owl, a 13-year-old bird that died on February 23 after colliding with a building on the Upper West Side.

Flaco got sick with a type of herpesvirus called “severe pigeon herpesvirus” because he ate feral pigeons. The veterinarians at the Bronx Zoo said that eating these pigeons had become a normal part of his diet.

He was also exposed to four different types of rat poison commonly used in New York City to control rats. After Flaco escaped, he was often seen eating rats in and around Central Park. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that he was slowly poisoning himself with each bite.

The zoo explained that the bird was probably very sick and weak when it accidentally flew into the building on West 89th Street in Manhattan. “These factors would have made him very weak and eventually caused his death, even without a traumatic injury. They might have also made him more likely to fly into or fall from the building,” the zoo stated.

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“Flaco’s severe illness and death were caused by a mix of factors, including infectious disease, exposure to toxins, and traumatic injuries. This highlights the dangers that wild birds, particularly in urban areas, have to deal with.”

According to the police, Flaco managed to escape from the Central Park Zoo in February 2023. Vandals had cut the stainless steel mesh on his enclosure. The Wildlife Conservation Society blamed the people who released Flaco for his death, but no one was arrested.

“The person who damaged Flaco’s exhibit put the bird’s safety at risk and is ultimately responsible for its death,” the organization stated. Flaco grew up in captivity, but he had everything he needed in his enclosure. The zoo’s team took care of all his needs. He had a calm and routine life, which is something many people living in cities often desire.

However, it is ironic that once released, the large city of Gotham turned into a different kind of prison that was even more dangerous. This environment was too harsh for the majestic creature to handle.

Flaco, who was free to fly wherever he wanted, had to take care of himself in a scary and unfamiliar place where there were hidden dangers everywhere. Flaco was in danger as soon as he was let out because there were dangerous glass and concrete structures and toxic chemicals that were affecting his food supply.

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