5 Best Hot Springs in Oregon To Visit in 2024

Natural hot springs have a special kind of magic. Geysers are created when hot water is pushed through cracks in the earth’s surface by magma. Even though this explanation doesn’t make them any less extraordinary. When you’re relaxing in hot mineral water, it feels like Mother Nature made a special geothermal wonder just for you.

In Oregon, there are many hot springs that come out of the ground. These hot springs are in beautiful settings that seem perfect for anyone’s personality and mood. If you’re looking for the best hot springs in Oregon, you can find them in a variety of places. From luxurious spa resorts to pools in the forest where clothing is optional, there are options for everyone.

Best Hot Springs in Oregon

Umpqua Hot Springs

Umpqua Hot Springs is a very popular place in Oregon because it is located on a beautiful cliff made of travertine, overlooking the North Umpqua River. Many people love to take pictures here and share them on Instagram. The cliff looks like a huge staircase with natural pools on each step. The pools are filled with water from a spring that flows down in a series of small waterfalls. The water gets colder as you go deeper into the pools. On the left side of the final ledge, there is a strong rope that allows visitors to descend to a hidden pool next to the river.

Umpqua Hot Springs is located in the scenic Umpqua National Forest in Southern Oregon. The hike is less than half a mile away from the starting point, but it is a difficult uphill climb to reach the top. The fee for using the park for the day is $5. However, this fee is not required if you have a Northwest Forest Pass or an America the Beautiful Pass.

Snively Hot Springs

You can enjoy a soak at Snively Hot Springs while surrounded by the impressive walls of the Owyhee River Canyon. Snively Hot Springs is extremely hot at its source. The water bubbles up from the ground and flows into the Owyhee River. It forms a pool that looks like a dam, made by big rocks. The combination of warm thermal water and cold river water creates a comfortable temperature for a relaxing and enjoyable hot soak.

Sniveley Hot Springs are only open for use during the day and are taken care of by the Bureau of Land Management. Visiting is free.

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McCredie Hot Springs

McCredie Hot Springs is located just one hour away from Eugene by car. Remember that the trade-off for that convenience is that it is unlikely that you will have the springs all to yourself. During weekends, you might feel like you’ve accidentally found yourself at a party.

McCredie Hot Springs is a place where people have built walls out of rocks to make shallow pools for soaking. These pools are surrounded by evergreen trees and are located on the banks of the Salt River. Before getting into the water, make sure to be careful because the pools can become very hot. If the water levels are high, it may not be possible to use the lower pools. You can only use the springs during the day and there is no charge.

Lithia Springs Resort

Lithia Springs Resort in Ashland is not rustic at all. This property is like a small hotel with 38 guest rooms. It feels cosy and private, like staying in a cottage surrounded by gardens. Hot springs that come from underground are brought into the tubs in guest rooms so that guests can enjoy long, relaxing soaks that are rich in minerals. There is also a pool, hot tub, and spa outside that use saltwater.

Only hotel guests are allowed to use the mineral springs. But, the public is invited to visit the lovely Wine Garden tasting room on the premises. The starting price for rooms with private soaking tubs is around $140 per night.

Breitenbush Hot Springs

The Breitenbush Hot Springs experience focuses on wellness. There is a limited supply of electricity and intentionally no cell service or Wi-Fi. Drug use and alcohol are not allowed. Additionally, at the hot springs, you have the option to be clothing optional. There are three pools of natural hot springs that are lined with river rock. One of the pools is specifically designed for quiet contemplation while you soak. Additionally, there are four spiral tubs with different temperatures. A sauna is located above a covered geyser to offer a natural steam experience.

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