6 Best Neighborhoods to Live in Long Island, NY

Long Island, New York, stands out as a magnificent island globally, housing a significant portion of New York City’s population and numerous renowned companies. Long Island is truly a fantastic place. Nevertheless, not everyone has a say in deciding where they reside. There are numerous fantastic neighborhoods to choose from, making it difficult to decide where to start. This list aims to guide you to the top neighborhoods on Long Island.

Best Neighborhoods to Live in Long Island, NY


Bellmore is a great choice for those who appreciate a peaceful community environment. Jones Beach Park is a top attraction in the area, known as one of the best beaches in New York state. Renters in Bellmore can anticipate an average monthly cost of $1,800 for a one-bedroom apartment. The average rent price has stayed consistent since 2021.

Bellmore is recognized for its strong focus on education and is also featured on this list. Bellmore and Merrick have a shared school system, allowing your children to get a quality education without the expensive price tag of Merrick.


Zillow reports that the average selling price of a home in Massapequa is $652,524. Property prices in Massapequa have increased by 11.2% since 2021. Massapequa is an excellent choice for families due to its top-rated school system. This area offers a wide range of outdoor leisure activities. Massapequa Cove, a popular fishing spot in the New York City area, is conveniently located near the local parks. Massapequa is a high-end neighborhood with opportunities for relaxation and education.


Huntington is located in Suffolk County on Long Island. In April 2022, the average listing price for a property in Huntington, New York, stood at $796,900. This represents a 16% rise compared to 2021. Huntington offers a variety of boutiques, local markets, restaurants, and a lively nightlife scene.

This large town in Suffolk is one of the largest and is famous beyond New York. If you enjoy live music, great food, and vibrant nightlife, Huntington is the place for you. Nevertheless, it’s not just about the glitz and glamour.

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Smithtown boasts a tight-knit community despite its compact population. The location is approximately 50 miles north of Manhattan and situated in the heart of the North Shore. Typically, a one-bedroom apartment in Smithtown rents for approximately $2,934 per month. Smithtown is famous for its craft beers, dining options, and one-of-a-kind stores. There are numerous parks in the area, such as Caleb Smith State Park.

Even though the town is small, it fosters a strong sense of community where neighbors work together to create a better future. Expect small shops, well-stocked eateries, and a community ethos focused on teamwork. This location might be perfect for you if you’re looking for a neighborhood on Long Island with a strong sense of community.


Roslyn is a well-liked neighborhood on Long Island. Although the median price in Roslyn is $500,000, a significant number of homes are listed between $750,000 and $1 million. The houses are charming, the school system is top-notch, and the area is secure.

If you’re looking for an affluent community that doesn’t boast too much about its wealth, consider Roslyn. The design of the area and the homes in Roslyn are both beautiful. Roslyn is highly desirable in the Long Island real estate market due to its excellent school systems. Roslyn is a must-see if you want to ensure a promising future for your children.


Plainview stands out as one of the most affluent neighborhoods on Long Island, with the average property price reaching $790,000 as of April 2022. This represents a growth of more than 16% compared to 2021. Although more expensive, Plainview offers a variety of amazing real estate choices.

Plainview’s popularity can be attributed to its low crime rates, excellent schools, diverse services, and beautiful parks and outdoor spaces. Because of its convenient location near the Long Island Expressway and the simple commute to New York City, it is popular among city workers.

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