6 Things People From the Jersey Shore Absolutely Hate

New Jersey is a great state to live in and there are no complaints about it. Take note of the sarcasm in the previous statement. Well, New Jersey may not be perfect, but it is quite wonderful.

Some people may argue that there are states that are more desirable to live in than New Jersey, but it’s important to remember that people’s opinions can be incorrect. I am a big fan of New Jersey, but even I can admit that there are some things that can be quite annoying. Here are only a few…

Summer Traffic

When the BENNYs come to the Jersey Shore, we see so many brake lights on the parkway that it’s almost mesmerizing. Traffic can be very frustrating when living at the Jersey Shore, especially on roads like the Parkway, 72, 37, 70, 138, 34, and others.

Being Asked If We’re From “Joisey”

It’s really annoying to hear someone from another state say “Joisey” instead of Jersey. Even our friends in North Jersey don’t actually pronounce Jersey as “Joisey.” I understand that it’s meant to be a funny exaggeration, but it bothers me.

Hearing Someone Refer to New Jersey As the Armpit of America

When I typed out #3, I immediately thought of a cheer from the movie Bring It On that goes like this: “Hate us because we’re beautiful, but we don’t like you either.”

The only appropriate response when someone refers to Jersey as the armpit of America is to agree.

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Being Asked if We Know Snooki

Let’s be honest, Jersey Shore is a show that many of us here at the Jersey Shore enjoy even though we might feel a little guilty about it. Many of us secretly enjoy it, even though we pretend it’s the worst thing ever. But if someone asks you if you know Snooki, you don’t need to respond and can just roll your eyes dramatically.

Exit 82

It is very scary to get on and off the Parkway near Seaside. The acceleration lane is very short and people are driving fast to exit the parkway at the same time. We need an update to make the exit on 37 similar to the one on 70. The entrance and exit ramp there is really nice.

The Cost

Living in New Jersey can be quite costly. It sometimes feels like we are being taxed on top of our taxes. Yes, there are many things that annoy people from the Jersey Shore, but at least we are not Pennsylvania.

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