7 Most Liberal Neighborhoods in Phoenix

Phoenix is a diverse city with a range of cultures, ideologies, and political views. Even though the city is known for being conservative, there are liberal communities spread across its various neighborhoods. These areas in the city stand out due to the voting choices, active community activities, impassioned discussions, and shared dedication to progressive ideas. Continue reading to discover the most progressive areas in Phoenix. If you have more liberal views, these are the top places to live in Phoenix.

Most Liberal Neighborhoods in Phoenix


Komatke tops our list of the most liberal neighborhoods in Phoenix. The community often participates in grassroots efforts focused on environmental issues, social justice, and equality. This area exudes a strong sense of progressive activism, which only grows stronger with each election season. Komatke has consistently supported liberal candidates, establishing themselves as Phoenix’s most dedicated advocate of liberalism.

Maricopa Village

Despite the peaceful ambiance of Maricopa Village, it is brimming with progressive ideologies. Community gatherings and local organizations often focus on issues like educational reforms, LGBTQ+ rights, and racial equality. Each election season, the residents of Maricopa Village consistently support liberal candidates, showcasing the neighborhood’s strong liberal values.

Co-op Village

Co-op Village is a clear example of how working together and embracing common values can lead to success. The community’s emphasis on collective well-being, equality, and shared responsibilities reflects its progressive inclinations.

Every election season, this community consistently backs candidates who share their values, establishing itself as a center of progressive thinking in Phoenix.

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South Mountain

This community is located near the famous South Mountain Park and offers a mix of cultural diversity and progressive ideals. Discussions on progressive subjects are often held at local schools, community centers, and public gathering spaces.

It is worth mentioning that the electoral records from recent cycles clearly indicate that residents consistently favor liberal representatives, which reflects the strong liberal character that defines South Mountain.


Valencia’s bustling streets, markets, and community hubs are frequently abuzz with campaigns and discussions centered around worker rights, affordable housing, and green initiatives. The population in this neighborhood is incredibly diverse, both in terms of demographics and political viewpoints. It often comes together to support progressive policies.

Valencia stands out as a community filled with passionate liberal values, thanks to their dynamic advocacy and clear support for liberal candidates during elections.


Tolleson is a vibrant center of progressive energy, despite its small size. Conversations in our community often revolve around inclusivity, social justice, and climate action, whether it’s at the local coffee shops or community centers. The local residents are renowned for their enthusiastic grassroots campaigns, emphasizing the significance of improving healthcare and education. And if there were any uncertainties about its perspectives, its consistent support for liberal agendas firmly secures its place on this list.


Laveen’s journey of transformation is truly captivating, rooted in its rich agrarian heritage. With the arrival of urbanization, a new group of residents brought in forward-thinking viewpoints. The local culture underwent a significant transformation due to this demographic shift, with topics such as climate change, social justice, and women’s rights becoming prominent in discussions. Election after election, the voting booths in Laveen reflect a clear preference for candidates who prioritize these crucial causes.


Phoenix is a diverse city with a mix of conservative and liberal communities. Komatke, Maricopa Village, Co-op Village, South Mountain, Valencia, Tolleson, and Laveen are some of the most progressive neighborhoods in Phoenix. These areas are known for their active community activities, voting choices, and shared dedication to progressive ideas. Komatke, Maricopa Village, Co-op Village, South Mountain, Valencia, Tolleson, and Laveen all have strong liberal values and support for liberal candidates.

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