75 New Police Recruits to Tackle Kensington's Challenges

Philadelphia, PA – A new wave of law enforcement is set to hit the streets of Kensington, as 75 freshly graduated Philadelphia Police officers are deployed to one of the city’s most challenging neighborhoods.

These new recruits, armed with nine months of rigorous training from the academy, are stepping into their roles with a blend of anticipation and determination.

“We’ve gone through nine months of the academy, so just finally getting out there we are all just excited to see what we can learn from the streets,” shared Officer Carol Burgess, a new recruit.

Her sentiment echoes the collective mindset of the new officers: to approach their duties with an open mind and a readiness to adapt.

A New Beginning for Kensington

The Philadelphia Police Department’s initiative, led by Deputy Police Commissioner Pedro Rosario, aims to address the multifaceted issues plaguing Kensington. While drug use remains a visible challenge on the streets, the department is hopeful that the influx of new officers will bring about tangible change.

According to the source, Deputy Police Commissioner Rosario, a seasoned veteran well-acquainted with Kensington’s struggles, emphasized a balanced approach to law enforcement.

“We can come in and just hold the line and arrest everyone right, but that doesn’t serve the vast majority of the people that are suffering,” Rosario explained. His strategy focuses on understanding and addressing the root causes of crime and disorder, rather than solely relying on arrests.

Community-Centric Policing

For many of the new recruits, the mission in Kensington is deeply personal. Officer Burgess and her colleagues are driven by a desire to make a positive impact in a community that has long been in need of support and safety.

“What we’ve learned from the academy is just go out there and not expect anything. Going out there with the least amount of expectations, I think is the way to learn as much as you can,” Burgess noted.

This approach aligns with Rosario’s vision of community-centric policing.

“That’s exactly who I want here leading the way in this mission, understanding a lot of the nuances that happen here every day, but being able to have that lived experience coming from this community adds another level of service that the officers can provide when they are encountering our neighbors,” he said.

The new officers’ fresh perspectives and eagerness to learn are seen as invaluable assets in their mission to enhance public safety.

Hopes and Challenges Ahead

Rosalind Pichardo, the Executive Director of Operation Save Our City in Kensington, expressed optimism about the new initiative. She hopes that the increased police presence will foster collaboration and bring about meaningful change.

“The stuff that is out here now is not what it used to be 20 years ago, 15 years ago the crimes that are happening now are so different, so if they sit down and listen to us we can do this together and not necessarily an us versus them,” Pichardo stated.

The new recruits, along with the experienced officers, will operate from a mini station on East Allegheny Avenue, enhancing their ability to serve the community. This strategic move is expected to facilitate more effective and responsive policing in the area.


As these 75 new officers begin their duties in Kensington, their presence symbolizes a commitment to addressing the complex issues faced by the community.

With a focus on understanding, learning, and collaboration, both the Philadelphia Police Department and the residents of Kensington hope for a safer and more harmonious future.

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