A Latest Study Discovered the Kinkiest Cities In West Virginia For 2024

According to Saturday Night Science, the cities of Clarksburg and Martinsburg are considered the kinkiest in West Virginia for 2024.

Since the 1950s, people in America have become more open-minded and adventurous in their personal preferences.

Online searches for sex are currently very popular. With activities like sexting and flexting, it’s evident that people have a strong interest in expressing their desires online. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not.

Which places in West Virginia are known for being the most adventurous or unconventional? We can determine who is purchasing the most ‘kinky’ items online by observing their buying habits.

We have created a list of the kinkiest cities in the Mountain State based on the number of purchases per person from Adam & Eve. We don’t live in West Virginia, so you can decide whether or not these cities make sense. Regardless, the data is completely accurate.

We also have some cities that deserve honorable mention. We will address those later. And just so you know, we can also identify the cities in West Virginia that are the least kinky.

Kinkiest Cities In West Virginia For 2024

Rank City Population Orders Per Capita
1 Clarksburg, WV 15,977.0 0.06
2 Martinsburg, WV 18,678.0 0.03
3 Charleston, WV 48,415.0 0.03
4 Beckley, WV 17,132.0 0.02
5 Buckhannon, WV 5,201.0 0.02
6 Morgantown, WV 30,220.0 0.02
7 Bluefield, WV 9,619.0 0.02
8 Parkersburg, WV 29,685.0 0.01
9 Charles Town, WV 6,584.0 0.01
10 Wheeling, WV 26,900.0 0.01
11 Elkins, WV 6,935.0 0.01
12 Fairmont, WV 18,402.0 0.0
13 Huntington, WV 46,637.0 0.0
14 Bridgeport, WV 9,255.0 0.0
15 Princeton, WV 5,833.0 0.0
16 Moundsville, WV 8,056.0 0.0
17 Hurricane, WV 6,908.0 0.0
18 South Charleston, WV 13,527.0 0.0
19 Dunbar, WV 7,418.0 0.0
20 Weirton, WV 18,971.0 0.0

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Method to Measure the Most Historically Racist Places In West Virginia

To determine how kinky a city is, we looked at which cities in West Virginia bought the most sex toys from Adam & Eve, a popular online store for adult toys and novelties. In 2015, they gave us information about our purchases.

It’s actually quite easy to understand when you know that cities in West Virginia are purchasing adult toys. Saturday Night Science at its finest as there’s no better way than to solve this argument at a bar.

We calculated all the data on a per capita basis, which means that these orders are measured per person, rather than as a total amount of money spent or number of orders. We cannot rank the largest cities at the top because they have the most people.

Furthermore, we only examined the 21 locations in West Virginia that have a population of over 5,000 people. According to this method, the cities in West Virginia that are considered the kinkiest are Clarksburg, Martinsburg, Charleston, Beckley, Buckhannon, Morgantown, Bluefield, Parkersburg, Charles Town, and Wheeling.

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