A Man From Delta County Charged in Weekend Shooting

A man from Delta County was brought before Delta County District Court on Monday afternoon for reportedly shooting another man in the Flat Rock area over the weekend.

A man named Jacob Chronick, 28, residing at 8311 County Road 416 J Road in Cornell, has been charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm, less than murder or by strangulation. The charge comes after an incident on Sunday where Chronick allegedly shot Eric Parrotta. Parrotta was transported by air to UP Health Systems – Marquette, where he is currently in stable condition.

A shooting incident occurred at a residence in Escanaba Township, as stated by the Delta County Sheriff’s Office. Chronick’s property, situated on County Road 416, bears a Cornell address but is actually situated in Escanaba Township.

Chronick is facing a felony charge that could result in a ten-year prison sentence, a $5,000 fine, or both. In the event that the assault occurred within a place of confinement, he could potentially be subject to an additional consecutive sentence.

At his arraignment hearing on Monday, Chronick revealed that he had enlisted the services of Attorney Trent Stupak to act as his legal representative in the case. Stupak was unable to attend the 1 p.m. hearing due to a prior court appearance that was scheduled at the same time. In a recent hearing, 94th District County Magistrate Jeana LaCarte informed Chronick that the court did not have any documentation indicating that Stupak had been hired for the case. LaCarte advised Chronick to make sure he had legal representation before his next court appearance on February 1.

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The probable cause conference on Feb. 1 is closed to the public. Chronick is scheduled to appear in open court for a preliminary examination hearing on Feb. 8. Following Chronick’s arrest on Sunday, a bond of $350,000, either in cash or surety, has been set. At Monday’s arraignment, the bond was lowered to $250,000, to be paid in cash or surety, due to Chronick’s previous record.

In a recent development, it has been ordered that Chronick refrain from having any contact with Parrotta and several other individuals. This includes an eyewitness to the shooting incident. Regardless of whether Chronick is released from the Delta County Jail after posting bond, this restriction remains in place. A family member of the victim is expected to be summoned as a witness in future hearings.

During the hearing, Chronick’s main focus was on whether the no contact order would hinder his ability to spend time with his son as scheduled. The court issued a no contact order, which included the child’s mother but did not mention the son by name. Chronick was advised by LaCarte to consult with his attorney regarding the issue.

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