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America’s Top 10 Happiest States

America’s Top 10 Happiest States

The quest for happiness is a fundamental human endeavor, and where we live can significantly impact our overall well-being. Across the United States, happiness varies from state to state due to a complex mix of factors, including economic stability, quality of life, and environmental beauty. Based on recent data, let’s explore the top ten happiest states in America.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii tops the list as the happiest state with a total happiness score of 66.31. Known for its stunning natural beauty and warm climate, Hawaii offers a high quality of life. Factors contributing to its happiness include low rates of adult depression, high income growth, and the nation’s fourth-lowest divorce rate. Hawaii also boasts the longest average lifespan in the U.S. at 81.48 years​​.

2. Maryland

Maryland ranks second with a happiness score of 62.6. It excels in emotional and physical well-being, with the fifth-lowest suicide rate in the country. However, it is also marked by a high long-term unemployment rate. The state’s rich cultural heritage and natural settings add to its residents’ happiness​​.

3. Minnesota

Minnesota, with a score of 62.43, ranks third. Known for its friendly communities and inclusive atmosphere, Minnesota has the third-lowest divorce rate and the second-highest volunteer rate in the country. Despite harsh winters, the state’s residents enjoy a high quality of life​​.

4. Utah

Utah comes in fourth with a score of 62.41. It ranks first in both the Work Environment and Community & Environment categories. Utahns enjoy a balanced work-life with the fewest work hours and the highest volunteer rate in the country. The state also boasts an active, outdoor lifestyle and the lowest divorce rate​​.

5. New Jersey

New Jersey scores 61.71, placing it fifth. It has the lowest adult depression rate, the lowest suicide rate, and the third-lowest divorce rate in the U.S. New Jersey’s rich cultural and historical heritage, combined with its beautiful natural settings and coastlines, contribute to its residents’ happiness​​​​.

6. Idaho

Idaho ranks sixth with a happiness score of 61.6. It has the third-best work environment and the second-best community and environment ranking. However, the state has a high suicide rate, which contrasts with its overall happiness score. Idaho’s great outdoors and scenic nature contribute to the residents’ well-being​​​​.

7. California

Scoring 59.97, California is the seventh-happiest state. It has the highest income growth and the second-lowest adult depression rate in the country. The state’s weather, natural wonders, and access to various outdoor activities play a significant role in the happiness of its residents​​​​.

8. Illinois

Illinois ranks eighth with a score of 58.59. The state ranks highly in physical and mental well-being, with the third-lowest adult depression rate. Illinois offers vast outdoors, fresh air, and ample recreational facilities, contributing to its residents’ overall happiness​​​​.

9. Nebraska

Nebraska, with a score of 58.19, is the ninth-happiest state. It has the second-lowest long-term unemployment rate in the U.S., contributing to economic stability. The state also ranks high in adequate sleep and volunteer rates, reflecting a strong sense of community​​​​.

10. Connecticut

Connecticut rounds off the top ten with a happiness score of 58.15. It ranks fifth in emotional and physical well-being. The state offers an array of outdoor recreational venues and charming small towns, catering to a diverse range of interests and contributing to its residents’ happiness​​​​.


Happiness is influenced by a myriad of factors, ranging from economic stability and social relationships to environmental beauty and cultural richness. The top ten happiest states in America each exhibit a blend of these attributes, offering their residents environments conducive to a happy and fulfilling life.

Whether it’s the natural splendor of Hawaii, the community spirit of Minnesota, or the cultural diversity of New Jersey, these states exemplify the diverse paths to happiness found across the United States.

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