Best Neighborhoods in LA for 2024

Los Angeles is a vibrant city with fantastic weather, a thriving economy, and numerous renowned attractions, making it a highly desirable place to live in the United States. Similar to any large city, Los Angeles has both desirable and less desirable areas. If you’re thinking about relocating to LA, here are some of the top neighborhoods in the city.

Best Neighborhoods in LA for 2024

Echo Park

One of the top neighborhoods in Los Angeles is Echo Park. Located in east-central Los Angeles, this vibrant neighborhood is just northwest of downtown. This community is filled with a variety of artists, entrepreneurs, and musicians, making it a vibrant and diverse place to live.

Located in the heart of the neighborhood, Echo Park Lake is a man-made body of water with a surrounding park that is home to various community events, including the annual Lotus Festival in July. It is packed with stylish bars, eateries, and live music spots, providing a lot of excitement and fun. Due to its proximity to downtown, the crime rate is slightly elevated compared to other parts of the city. However, many residents feel that it’s a secure neighborhood as long as you remain aware of your surroundings.

Bel Air

Bel Air ranks among the top neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Bel Air is a high-end neighborhood located in the foothills of the Santa Monica mountains, known for its desirable properties and low crime rates. Bel Air is considered one of the safest communities in Los Angeles, with a total crime rate 52% lower than the national average and a violent crime rate 67% lower. This area is a favorite among celebrities and has appeared in many TV shows and films.

This neighborhood is located near USC and the Getty Museum, providing access to cultural and educational experiences. Getty View Park is located nearby and provides hiking trails with stunning views of the city skyline. This is definitely not affordable for those on a tight budget, with the median home price exceeding $2.5 million. For those with the means, Bel Air stands out as one of Los Angeles’ top neighborhoods.

Silver Lake

Situated next to Echo Park is the vibrant neighborhood of Silver Lake, recognized for its unique coffee shops, fashionable vegan cafes, and live music spots. Silver Lake is renowned for attracting artists and creatives, offering a variety of trendy boutiques and tasty dining options. The Silver Lake Reservoir is surrounded by the community and includes a nearby meadow and dog park.

Even though Silver Lake is near downtown, it is considered a safe urban neighborhood, with a violent crime rate that is 10% lower than the national average. You’ll find numerous impressive instances of modern architecture and housing costs that are a bit more budget-friendly compared to surrounding areas.

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West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a renowned neighborhood in LA, housing some of the city’s most famous attractions. West Hollywood is filled with culture and history, from the iconic Sunset Strip to the renowned Chateau Marmont. This neighborhood is filled with easily accessible clubs, bars, restaurants, and attractions. It’s conveniently situated near downtown Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

West Hollywood Park offers sports fields, a swimming pool, and a playground, making it a popular spot in the community. You’ll discover numerous iconic venues such as the Comedy Store, Whiskey a Go-Go, and the Roxy Theater.


Brentwood in West Los Angeles is known for its tranquility, high-end properties, excellent schools, and low crime rates. The community provides large homes in different architectural designs, ranging from contemporary to mid-century modern, on beautiful, well-kept streets. San Vincente Boulevard is lined with upscale restaurants, open-air cafes, and trendy boutiques, making it the main commercial strip in the community.

The neighborhood conveniently borders the hills, providing access to outdoor recreation at Sullivan Canyon Park and Will Rogers State Historic Park. Brentwood is considered one of the top neighborhoods in Los Angeles due to its combination of residential comfort and scenic surroundings.

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