Bethenny Frankel Speaks About Allegedly Being Punched in Face in N.Y.C

“It’s a series of crazy crimes that I can’t comprehend.” “I apologize to all the other women who are experiencing the same thing,” Frankel said. Bethenny Frankel is talking more about her previous statement where she said she was also a victim of a random attack, in light of the recent acts of violence against women in New York City.

On Wednesday, a former cast member of the TV show Real Housewives of New York City commented on a TikTok video. The video was posted by a fashion student who said that she was walking home when a stranger punched her in the face.

“This is crazy because it happened to me a few months ago, but I was too embarrassed to talk about it,” Frankel, 53, wrote in the comment section. “I was on the Upper West Side.” Crazy. I was recording a video of a bakery.

The next day, the reality star shared a TikTok video where she talked about the upsetting experience she had.

“I witnessed a woman discussing how she was hit in the face while walking on the street.” She started by saying, “And I commented, ‘Oh my god, the same thing happened to me.'” “I actually filmed my reaction to it on that day, but I felt embarrassed or strange about sharing it.”

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Frankel said that she was looking for an apartment in New York City. While she was doing that, she visited a bakery and decided to make a video of the delicious baked goods they had on display. She noticed that the storefront was very small, like the size of a bathroom. She said that she was about to leave when a man suddenly punched her.

“Hit me is more like a light touch, not a closed fist,” she said. She also mentioned that she was completely shocked when she went outside to inform her security. “I saw him and, you know, pointed to this man, who was homeless, to let him know that I had just been hit.”

According to Frankel, even though her security guard approached and confronted the man, she didn’t want to make the situation worse and just wanted to leave quickly. “And then, I sent a text message to the broker and said, I don’t want to look at any more apartments in this city because it’s crazy,” she added.

The person from a reality TV show admitted that at first, they thought the incident was caused by the high crime rates in New York City. However, their perspective changed when they saw videos of other women sharing similar experiences.

“It’s a series of crazy crimes that I don’t understand.” “I apologize to all the other women who are experiencing the same thing,” she said, expressing concern about the behavior. “To be cold-cocked means to be punched unexpectedly, like in a street fight.” It was very exciting. I hope it’s just a strange trend rather than an accurate representation of crime, as it really frightened me about New York City.

Frankel said that she had left the city because she noticed a change in crime rates after the Covid-19 pandemic. “That day really scared me,” she said. “I told my daughter about it because I get scared when she walks in the city streets.”

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