Boston Police Crime Lab May Not Be Be Able to Follow State Law on Rape Kits

A high-ranking official from the Boston police crime lab confessed on Friday that the lab might not be able to comply with the state law that mandates rape kits to be tested within 30 days.

The lab is admitting to its lack of leadership, which is now being closely examined. The lab director has been on leave since August 2022 after an internal investigation, as first reported by 5 Investigates earlier this week.

Boston City Councilor Ed Flynn requested a hearing because he found out that the lab did not test about half of all rape kits within the required 30-day limit set by state law last fiscal year.

“Can we meet the 30-day deadline?” Flynn asked a question during a meeting of the City Council Committee on Public Safety and Criminal Justice.

“Is it possible for us to do it?” “I believe we have redirected some of our resources in an attempt to address that,” responded Kevin Larade, who is the director of quality assurance for the Forensic Division of the Boston Police Department.

“We have to test these kits within 30 days because it’s a law in our state.” We are not going to do that. Are you worried about that?” Flynn asked. “Both yes and no.” “The mandate is quite ambitious,” Larade responded.

5 first reported other issues. Investigators were also mentioned during the hour-long hearing: The crime lab in Boston is not using a DNA screening technique that is used by other labs, such as the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab and the lab that tests rape kits in New York City. The technique is called “Y screening,” and it can quickly determine if male DNA is present in a sample.

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The crime lab has been without a director since August 2022 when the current director, Kevin Kosiorek, was placed on paid administrative leave. He has not replied to requests asking for a comment.

“Every workplace requires a leader who demonstrates strong ethical values, takes responsibility for their actions, and consistently shows up and puts in the necessary effort.” Is it important for the Boston Police Department to address this issue? Flynn asked.

“Yes,” Larade replied. “Yes, it is, councilor.”

The Boston police Sergeant Victor Evans stated that Kosiorek was on leave due to an ongoing “administrative internal investigation” which was almost finished.

“I want to emphasize that ever since he went on leave, there have been temporary directors and currently multiple directors who have been working in his position to ensure the lab continues to operate,” Evans said.

After the hearing, Flynn said in an interview, “We admit that there is currently a problem at the crime lab. The next step is to decide what we should do about it.

City councilors will be visiting the lab next week. They will then collaborate with the police department to determine what is required to establish a modern and fully-staffed crime lab that meets state law requirements.

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