California City Cannabis Owner Upset With Accusations of Violations

Herbert Gonzalez, a cannabis business owner in California City, has previously dealt with untrue allegations, such as being wrongly charged with murder in 2006. Hi there, I’m Steve Virgen, the reporter in your neighborhood.

Gonzalez was acquitted of all charges and received a one million dollar settlement from the L.A. County Sheriffs. Now, he’s attempting to achieve victory once more, this time in the realm of cannabis.

“I felt like they were on the verge of requesting my green card.” Herbert Gonzalez, a cannabis business owner from California City, expressed feeling violated as he came to the city with a specific goal in mind.

Herbert Gonzalez expressed his frustration over receiving multiple citations from Cal City in July. What prompted him to speak out was receiving a $250 citation for having a service dog on his cannabis cultivation property. Hazel, the dog, is owned by an employee named Tijani Abdurrahman, who considers Hazel to be very significant to him.

Only a year ago, I lost everything – my children, job, life, and freedom – it was all taken away suddenly. Well, I am no longer a part of the Marine Corps. Now, I have this dog with me, it’s like having a companion to spend time with… “Until things improve significantly,” Abdurrahman, an employee at Herb’s Cali Krush, stated.

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The citation focused on the dog’s behavior that broke California City Municipal Code 9-dash-2-point-501 (b), which prohibits animals from causing annoyance or nuisance to neighbors through excessive behavior. It also states that dogs can only be at residential properties. Gonzalez mentioned that Hazel is confined by a gate and there are no neighbors close by. Virgen asked, “How did you feel when you received that citation?”

Gonzalez expressed feeling unwelcome. It seems as though the city is not supportive of businesses succeeding in this area. It feels as though they want to push us away instead of collaborating to ensure the industry thrives.

I contacted Cal City Fire Chief Jeremy Kosick and Fire Marshal Kristy Hightower. Both work as code inspectors. They have been turning down interview requests since February 14… Hightower replied to inquiries sent by email on Friday, stating that it is an ongoing case and they are unable to disclose the specifics.

She mentioned that dogs are not permitted to reside at cannabis cultivation properties, but can be present if they are leashed. Additionally, there have been multiple cannabis properties that have been cited for having dogs.

Furthermore, unrestrained dogs pose a danger to inspectors and first responders during emergencies, according to her statement. However, Gonzalez has a different opinion. There seems to be an issue here. I’m not involved in politics or anything… I cultivate marijuana. “There seems to be a significant issue here,” Gonzalez remarks. Gonzalez shares his interests and thoughts on Tik Tok and Instagram under the username HerbG420. Hi there, I’m Steve Virgen, your local reporter in Cal City.

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