California city will issue fines now for off-leash dogs

Starting Thursday, Pasadena residents who allow their dogs to wander without a leash may face a fine of up to $500, as per city officials. Dogs must be kept on a leash, except at Alice’s Dog Park in Viña Vieja Park and Playhouse Village Dog Park, where they are allowed to be off-leash.

“Starting Thursday, Feb. 22, the City of Pasadena will begin issuing citations to dog owners with dogs off-leash to ensure the safety of all park visitors.” Pasadena Humane will enforce leash requirements and continue to provide the community with education on dog-leashing,” according to a news release.

Officials mentioned that keeping dogs on leashes helps prevent dog attacks and accidents, like dogs getting hit by cars. If you spot a dog running around without a leash in areas where it’s not allowed, feel free to reach out to Pasadena Humane at 626-792-7151, ext. 102.

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