Check States With No Property Taxes and Low Property Taxes in 2024

This article examines the states with the most affordable property taxes on homes and provides information on reducing or eliminating taxes for eligible seniors, veterans, or individuals with disabilities.

One thing that many future homeowners dread is having to pay property tax. Property taxes will continue to be a concern, even after you have fully paid off your home. It can either be a significant concern or not a problem at all, depending on your location. While each town has its own property tax regulations, the major concern lies in state taxes.

Looking For States With No Property Taxes?

Unfortunately, every state in the United States requires a minimum property tax. Some states offer exemptions for veterans, seniors, and individuals with disabilities, allowing them to potentially avoid paying property taxes. Almost every state offers special exemptions for veterans with service-related disabilities.

States With No Property Tax For Seniors After Age 65


Alabama stands out as one of the states that do not impose property taxes on seniors. Retirees over 65 receive a complete exemption from state property taxes.


Retirees who are 65 and older receive a tax exemption for the initial $150,000 of their home’s value. Alaska also provides financial incentives to residents, which could help offset any extra taxes you may incur.


Florida is an excellent option for seniors looking to avoid property tax payments. Florida has many advantages for retirees, such as a property tax exemption.


Certain retirees aged 65 and older may qualify for state property tax exemptions, many of which are designed for low-income housing.


For individuals aged 65 and older, the initial $75,000 of your home’s property value is not subject to taxation.

South Dakota

This state offers property tax relief programs designed for retirees, enabling you to postpone property tax payments until your house is sold. Property tax freeze or reduction is available for low-income households as well.

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States With Lowest Property Tax


Hawaii is well-known for its incredibly low property tax rate, which is only 0.29%. However, that doesn’t imply that residing here is a simple task. The average home price exceeds $620,000, while the average household income is just $75,000. This does not cover local property taxes and does not consider the well-known high cost of living.


Alabama stands out for its remarkably low property taxes, making it an attractive option even for those who are not retirees or veterans. Here, the state tax rate is 0.40%, and the average home value is $140,000. That’s pretty good. Actually, it is quite budget-friendly when compared to many other states in the country. Living costs are reduced in this area, making it a great option for those with limited funds.


One more southern state that boasts a low property tax rate is Louisiana, with an effective state property tax rate of 0.46%. Given that home prices are comparable to those in Alabama, it’s clear that this state is considered a highly affordable place to reside. Additionally, we’ve heard that Mardi Gras is fantastic in this location!

West Virginia

North Carolina provides a great balance between property taxes and home prices. Homes in this area are priced at less than $100,000, with a state property tax rate of just 0.53%. It is considered one of the most affordable places to live in America. Those who love camping and a laid-back lifestyle will appreciate this place, especially with the lowest cost of living in the country.


Considering the expansive open spaces in Wyoming, it’s clear why the state is promoting homeownership. This land covered in prairies has a state property tax rate of 0.55% and a 4% sales tax rate. Here, the average home price is higher, at $226,000. That said, it’s a worthwhile investment for those who enjoy living in rural areas.

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