Check These Most Caring Cities in the United States

If you want to live or travel to a place where people take care of each other, WalletHub can help you find the perfect destination or home.

A recent study has identified the most caring cities in America. The study ranked 100 cities based on their demonstration of care in three areas: community, vulnerable populations, and the workforce. Many big cities, like Boston, New York City, and Portland, were in the top 10. Several other cities, such as Pittsburgh, San Francisco, and Denver, were also in the top 20.

The list did not have cities from every state. It only included the top 100 most-populated cities in the study. Utah and Wyoming were previously named the most charitable states in America in a study by WalletHub. However, this survey does not include them.

What Makes a City Caring?

Researchers examined various factors to assess the level of care in a community. These factors included crime and poverty rates, civic involvement, the percentage of income donated to charity, and the proportion of the population working in caring professions like social services, medicine, or education.

WalletHub asked a group of experts in sociology and criminology to share their thoughts on a survey. They discussed various topics, such as how local government can promote kindness among citizens and whether it is beneficial for foster care to replace orphanages in the United States.

Most Caring Cities in the United States

Madison, Wisconsin

WalletHub found that the city in America that cares the most is known for its love of charitable giving. Residents of Madison search for the term “charitable donations” on Google more frequently than residents of any other city. Additionally, they have a high percentage of online donations per person. The city is ranked first for having the highest number of doctors and EMTs per person. It is also ranked fourth for having pet shelters and rescue services.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston was ranked as the top city for “caring in the workplace” and is known for its efforts in caring for the environment. This is not surprising, considering it is the location of the oldest public park in the United States.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

According to the survey, the people of Virginia Beach volunteer more hours than any other group of people. Despite its reputation as a city known for parties, it actually has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

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New York, New York

New York City, also known as the Big Apple, had the lowest score in carpooling. However, it ranked in the top five overall due to its high scores in other areas, particularly in caring for its workforce.

San Diego, California

San Diego is ranked 96th for the percentage of income donated to charity. However, it is ranked first in “caring for the vulnerable,” which is a category that measures how well the city takes care of its most vulnerable residents. San Diego is the only city in the Western region to be in the top five for this category.

Chesapeake, Virginia

Residents of Chesapeake recorded a high number of volunteering hours, ranking fifth in terms of “caring for the community” and sixth overall.

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