Cheyenne City to Invest Around $10 Million in Recreation Facilities

The city of Cheyenne is putting almost $10 million into two different projects to build leisure centers. It will cost about $5 million for the City Council to buy the BEAST building from the BEAST Foundation and to build a gymnastics center at the Ice and Events Center, which is owned by the city.

Andrew Coe, who is in charge of recreation in Cheyenne, said, “I think the future looks bright for the city of Cheyenne with recreation in general.”

BEAST Foundation

The BEAST building is an event center that covers 28,000 square feet and will mostly be used for sports events. It has four basketball courts that can be changed to play volleyball, tennis, or other sports.

“Because that building can be used for so many things and is perfect for us right now, we can hold everything there, from volleyball and basketball games to chair yoga and Taekwondo classes,” Coe said.

Laramie County School District 1 gyms are being used by the city’s leisure program for these events right now. With this purchase, ongoing programs can grow, and Community Recreation and Events will be able to run its own space.

Cheyenne is going to pay $5 million for the land on Sunflower Road. The seller is going to give $750,000 to help pay the rest of the money. The city plans to complete the buy by the end of the month.

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In a press release, Community Recreation and Events Director Jason Sanchez said, “This purchase will give the recreation team the chance to offer new programs, expand current programs, serve the community by being able to program seven days a week, and host community events.” “Being that we’ve never had our own gym before, this purchase gives us chances we wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Cheyenne City to Invest Around $10 Million in Recreation Facilities

The building was originally built in 1960 as a church. It was bought by the nonprofit BEAST Foundation in 2016 and used as office space while the gymnasium was being built. The building also has a concession area, two bathrooms, and a lounge area. People will be able to rent the building for special events.

“It really opens a Pandora’s box for all the different things that the community can use the facility for,” Coe said. “We’ll be happy to help any community partner who needs the space.”

Gymnastics Facility

The City Council signed a $5.4 million deal with Richardson Construction on Monday to add a gymnastics center to the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center off of West Lincolnway. The work should be done by April 2025.

The American Rescue Plan will give almost half of the money. The rest will come from the city’s general fund savings, the Ice & Events Center Fund, and the Real Property Revolving Fund. Coe said, “We are very, very excited.” “We think it’s very important for the city of Cheyenne to have a facility like this. We also want to build on the success of our gymnastics program and give it a bright future.”

The gymnastics program at Cheyenne Recreation has 378 members right now, and another 316 are on a waiting list. With this funding, everyone on the wait list will be able to join, and more will be able to join as well.

The gym will be mostly used for gymnastics, and it will be able to host events that last more than one day and gymnastics programs from all over the country. But it could get bigger in the future to make room for cheerleading, tumbling, and a basketball floor with portable hoops for kids.

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