Cleveland is the most stressed city in U.S., Latest report says

CLEVELAND, Ohio – If you’re feeling stressed and you reside in Cleveland, you are not the only one. According to a recent report, you are currently living in the most stressed city in the United States.

Cleveland was ranked as the most stressful city out of 182 cities in the United States, according to WalletHub. The analysis looked at different aspects of each city, using 39 measurements divided into four categories: work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress. Each category was given equal importance in the analysis.

But, hey, maybe there is some comfort in knowing that Detroit is ranked second.

Cleveland ranked first in overall stress among U.S. cities. It also ranked first in financial stress, second in health and safety stress, and third in family stress. That’s a lot of stress. Cleveland was also ranked 47th in terms of work-related stress.

Additionally, according to WalletHub, Cleveland has the highest divorce rate among the 182 U.S. cities compared. It also ranks second in poverty rate and average hours of sleep per night, just one spot behind Detroit.

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Most stressed cities in the U.S.

1. Cleveland, Ohio

2. Detroit, Michigan

3. Baltimore, Maryland

4. Birmingham, Alabama

5. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6. Shreveport, Louisiana

7. Memphis, Tennessee

8. Fayetteville, North Carolina

9. St. Louis, Missouri

10. Augusta, Georgia

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