Home Local News Consumers Energy Shows Appreciation with Complimentary Pizza

Consumers Energy Shows Appreciation with Complimentary Pizza

Consumers Energy Shows Appreciation with Complimentary Pizza

Power has been restored for the majority of those affected by the recent winter storm. However, there are still certain areas in Midland County that are patiently waiting for their power to be restored. In light of this, Consumers Energy wanted to express their gratitude and appreciation.

Line workers are facing bone-chilling temperatures as they work to repair downed powerlines.

Consumers Energy expressed gratitude towards customers on Monday, Jan. 15, for their patience during the ongoing efforts of line workers to restore power to a section of Midland County.

“We are reaching out to the community in the aftermath of the severe storms, offering support to those who have experienced power outages,” stated Bob Balzer, the community affairs manager for Consumers Energy.

In a display of gratitude towards the customers in Midland, Consumers Energy crews continue their tireless efforts to restore power to the remaining areas. As a token of appreciation, they have chosen to spread warmth and joy by offering complimentary food at Pizza Sam’s.

As the deadline approaches, there are still a few residents in Midland who remain without power. “This afternoon, they will be powered up and ready to go,” Balzer said confidently.

According to Balzer, the outreach event saw a significant number of attendees, with approximately 200 people being served in just two hours. Balzer also mentioned that many individuals have shown understanding and support for the ongoing efforts to restore power to all customers.

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There is no doubt that these storms are of great importance. Strong winds and intense snowfall. According to reports, there have been claims that the weight of snow on a powerline can be compared to placing a baby grand piano on the line. “They understand that, but they’re doing really, really well,” Balzer said.

With a strong focus on safety, Balzer is seeking the support of their crews to efficiently restore power to the remaining homes.

“We reside in the local neighborhoods.” Employees at Consumers Energy are not just coworkers, they are considered part of our extended family. They are our friends, they are your friends. We strive to be responsible members of the community, committed to fostering positive relationships and supporting the needs of our neighbors. Balzer expressed confidence in their reliance on us. According to Balzer, as of Monday afternoon, there were still approximately 3,000 customers without power statewide.

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