Data Shows Alaska’s Youngest Students Advancing After Alaska Reads Act Passed

In a recent announcement, Gov. Mike Dunleavy shared that the data clearly shows that Alaska’s youngest students are making remarkable progress in early literacy, thanks to the Alaska Reads Act.

A significant piece of legislation, supported by Gov. Mike Dunleavy and former Senator Tom Begich, has been designed to guarantee that all students achieve grade-level reading proficiency by the third grade. According to the governor’s office, this legislation is having a transformative impact on Alaska’s education system.

The Alaska Reads Act implements evidence-based reading strategies, which include providing professional development in the Science of Reading. Additionally, it introduces new curricula and targeted interventions to enhance reading skills. Significant improvements in reading proficiency were observed among kindergarten through third-grade students statewide, thanks to this comprehensive approach.

Alaska is currently in the midst of its second year of implementing the Alaska Reads Act. In a significant development, the just-concluded school year marked the initiation of the law’s accountability requirements.

In the beginning of this academic year, a mere 41% of students were able to meet the early literacy benchmarks. At the end of the school year, 57% of students were able to meet the benchmarks.

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Proficiency rates among kindergarten students increased significantly throughout the year, starting at 24% and reaching 60% by the end of the year.

In a significant development, Amplify has been chosen by the State Board of Education to supply districts with the essential early literacy screener mandated by the Alaska Reads Act. Amplify reports that Alaska’s statewide implementation of the mCLASS 8th Edition assessment has resulted in significant improvements in student performance. These improvements have surpassed those observed in the rest of the national user base, which consists of over two million students in schools across America.

“I am pleased with the progress that Alaska’s students are making as a result of the Alaska Reads Act,” stated Dunleavy. “The recent results indicate that when effective education reform is implemented, students in Alaska have the potential to achieve success.”

“The impressive advancements we have witnessed, particularly among our youngest students, are a clear indication of the collaborative work done by Alaskans throughout the state,” expressed DEED Commissioner Deena Bishop. “The results of this study demonstrate the positive impact of the Alaska Reads Act and suggest a bright future for education in Alaska.”

State Board of Education Chairman James Fields expressed his sincere appreciation to the educators, parents, and students for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts.

“The progress we have witnessed is a clear indication of the dedication and determination displayed by our teachers, students, and their families,” Fields stated. We are making significant progress towards a future where every child in Alaska has the essential skills needed for success. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to providing exceptional education.

To learn more about the first-annual report of the Alaska Reads Act, please visit The Alaska Reads Act – Education and Early Development.

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