Detroit Business Offers Year’s Supply of Chips and Salsa for Dog Breed Guess

A Lincoln Park business is spicing up the community with a unique and heartwarming contest that promises a year of free chips and salsa to the lucky winner who can correctly guess the breed of a newly adopted dog. The Detroit Salsa Company, a beloved local establishment known for its flavorful salsa, recently took in a dog named Chip after he was found abandoned. To celebrate their new furry friend and engage the community, the business has launched a guessing game centered around determining Chip’s breed.

The Detroit Salsa Company owners were keen to find out Chip’s true breed and decided to send a sample of his DNA for testing. With the results now in hand, they are inviting the public to join in the fun and take a guess. For a $5 fee, participants can submit their guess regarding Chip’s breed. The money raised from this engaging contest will be split between two local organizations: Golden Leash Dog Daycare Center in Wyandotte and Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter.

“Both of these businesses stepped up and offered services, shared contacts and information, answered our questions, and guided us on laws, etc., when we found Chip. We, in turn, would like to help them continue to help animals in need,” the owners shared in a heartfelt post on social media. The Detroit Salsa Company aims to give back to the community that supported them during their journey with Chip and to continue fostering a spirit of kindness and cooperation.

Participants have multiple ways to join the contest. They can submit their guess in person at the Detroit Salsa Company store located at 3464 Fort St., Livonia. Alternatively, they can pay the $5 fee online or mail a check to the business. This flexibility ensures that everyone who wants to participate has an opportunity to do so.

The contest rules are simple but add an element of excitement. If more than one participant guesses Chip’s breed correctly, the final winner will be selected through a random draw. This ensures that even if multiple people have a keen eye for dog breeds, the ultimate winner will still be chosen fairly.

This contest not only offers an enticing prize of free chips and salsa for a year but also underscores the Detroit Salsa Company’s commitment to supporting local businesses and animal welfare organizations. By participating in the contest, community members can contribute to a good cause while having fun and possibly winning a year-long supply of one of Detroit’s favorite snacks.

The story of Chip’s adoption and the ensuing contest has already begun to capture the hearts of the local community, creating a buzz that’s likely to grow as more people get involved. The Detroit Salsa Company hopes that their initiative will inspire other businesses to find creative ways to engage with their communities and support local causes. Whether you’re a dog lover, a salsa enthusiast, or simply someone who enjoys a good community event, this contest is a delightful way to make a difference while enjoying some tasty treats.

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