Detroit Metro Airport Security Finds Loaded Gun on Wayne County Judge

After passing through Detroit Metro Airport last week with a loaded gun, a Wayne County judge is now in legal hot water. The judge’s attorney suggested that the gun might not have been registered.

Since 2006, Judge Cylenthia LaToye Miller has presided over cases in Detroit. She has served as a judge for thirteen years, the past five of which she has spent supervising the family court at the Third Circuit Court.

On Saturday, Miller went through security at Detroit Metro Airport en route to catch a flight.

At that moment, a loaded Smith & Wesson handgun chambered in.380 was discovered by TSA agents inside the judge’s handbag.

“She’s a licensed CPL holder,” Todd Perkins, Miller’s lawyer and a longtime friend stated. “She can lawfully possess, in a concealed fashion, a firearm in the state of Michigan.”

However, it is against the law for you to travel with a loaded gun in your carry-on. Miller said to airport police that her Ohio-based brother had owned the rifle. Firearms are not required to be registered in Ohio.

However, Michigan does, and Perkins acknowledges that he is unsure if the firearm the judge was carrying was registered when it was found.

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According to Perkins, Judge Miller has lately been through a trying period in her personal life due to taking care of a close relative who is ill. Perkins claimed that on the relevant day, her thoughts might have been elsewhere.

“What impressions she was under when this all took place, only that day will tell,” Perkins stated.

“She’s not looking for any credit for being a judge, she’s definitely not doing that,” Perkins stated. “She holds herself accountable and will hold herself accountable, and would anyone else.”

According to Perkins, the judge is accused of possessing a dangerous weapon within an airport, a misdemeanor that entails a $1,000 fine and a maximum one-year jail sentence.

Questions concerning the case were forwarded to the Wayne County Airport Authority by Matthew Zick, the city attorney for Romulus.

An airport spokesperson named Erica Donerson declined to comment when asked about Miller’s ongoing legal matter.


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