Disclosing 7 Cloudiest Cities in the U.S.

We will explore the cities in the U.S. with the most clouds, ranked in this article. The United States is the fourth largest country in the world in terms of land area. It covers a vast expanse of 3,800,000 square miles, stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. The large area of land leads to different weather patterns with noticeable variations in how cloudy it is across different regions. The eastern coast of the country has a moderate climate that is greatly affected by the Atlantic Ocean. There are some cities in the northeast of the US that have a lot of clouds.

Binghamton is one of these cities, and it usually has 212 cloudy days each year. When you go further south, places like Charleston, South Carolina, have a milder climate and less cloudy skies. The West Coast is different from other regions. The region’s special geography and ocean currents make the climate drier and have fewer clouds. Seattle, Washington is known for its rainy weather and is one of the cloudiest cities. It has an average of 226 days with over 80% cloud cover. On the other hand, San Diego, California, gets a lot of sunshine. It has 219 sunny days each year and not as many cloudy days.

Cloudiest Cities in the U.S., Ranked

Juneau, Alaska

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 280.

Juneau is located in a place with very tall mountains and a coastline. The city has a maritime subarctic climate, which means that there are small changes in cloud cover throughout the year. The sky is usually cloudy throughout the year, with more than half of each month being cloudy. Juneau is ranked as the cloudiest city in the US on our list.

Astoria, Oregon

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 239.

Astoria has cloudy weather for about 239 days each year, which is a large part of the year. However, the amount of clouds in the sky changes throughout the year. In Astoria, the weather is usually clear or partly cloudy during the summer, but in the winter it is often overcast or mostly cloudy. The rainy season in the city lasts for about 6.8 months, starting from October 8 and ending on May 2. In Astoria, November has the most number of rainy days, with an average of about 17.8 days. The minimum amount of rainfall on these days is 0.04 inches.

Anchorage, Alaska

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 239.

Anchorage, Alaska, is well-known for having a lot of cloudy weather. The city experiences about 239 cloudy days each year, which is around 65% of the year. The fact that the city is close to the coast is a major reason why there is always a lot of clouds. Anchorage has a subarctic climate, which means it has mild changes in cloud cover throughout the year.

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Olympia, Washington

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 229.

Olympia is ranked fourth on our list of the cloudiest cities in the US. The amount of clouds in Olympia changes with the seasons. In the summer, there are usually some clouds in the sky, while in the winter, it is often cloudy or overcast. In the winter, the city has cloudy skies for more than half of the time.

Portland, Oregon

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 222.

Portland, Oregon, has a climate that is influenced by the nearby ocean. The city has cloudy weather for most of the year. Portland has clear skies during its short summers, but its long winters usually have overcast conditions and rainfall.

Binghamton, New York

The number of days with cloudy weather per year is 212.

Binghamton, New York, has about 212 days each year when it is cloudy. Cloudy weather is mostly caused by the Great Lakes. When cold air moves over the lakes, it collects moisture and forms clouds, especially in the winter.

Fairbanks, Alaska

The number of days that are cloudy in a year is 210.

Residents of Fairbanks often experience limited sunshine and overcast skies due to an average of over 200 cloudy days annually. The amount of clouds in the sky increases a little bit during the winter months. Fairbanks is known for being both very cloudy and extremely cold.

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