Exploring Some Epic US Places For Rail Biking in 2024

Explore these eight cities that are great for train travel and offer unique experiences. Are you searching for a sustainable and enjoyable way to experience the colorful autumn leaves? Rail biking is a fun activity that combines exercise with beautiful views. These vehicles are powered by pedals and run on old railroad tracks that are no longer in use. Pedal-powered rail vehicles have been around since the 1850s. They were used by rail workers to maintain railways and transport goods. Today, rail bikes are used for fun and relaxation. Some rail bikes even have electric assist motors. That means steep inclines are very easy.

Epic US Places For Rail Biking

Cooperstown, New York

Experience the beauty of this autumn spot, which is reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell painting. Visit the Fly Creek Cider Mill to enjoy an apple cider float before you go on a train ride. You can choose between two different tours offered by Cooperstown’s Rail Explorer. One is a 12-mile track called the Milford tour, and the other is an 8-mile track called the Charlotte Valley Express tour.

There are different activities to do during the day and at night that provide special experiences in the autumn. During the day, enjoy the view of the Susquehanna River. Explore the forests and farms, and cross over historic trestle bridges. At night, you can ride along the same path and enjoy the sounds of autumn while roasting s’mores.

Boone, Iowa

The town of Boone, Iowa is located less than an hour away from Des Moines. It has a population of 12,513 people. Boone is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and its strong connection to the railroad. This town has a lot of fun train-related activities, like riding on the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad, visiting the James H. Andrew Railroad Museum, and exploring Boone’s bicycle rail trails. It’s not surprising that Boone also offers railbiking. Rail Explorers offers tours at different times: during the day, at sunset, or at night on a lantern tour. The Scenic Valley Trail is a 12.5-mile round-trip ride that offers beautiful aerial views of the Des Moines River and the colorful fall foliage. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

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Cape May, New Jersey

Many people consider Cape May to be a popular summer vacation spot, but during the fall season, there are fun weekend festivals and less crowded areas to enjoy. The Revolution Rail Company provides a 4-mile Cape May Run where people can ride rail bikes into the Garrett Family Preserve, which is part of the Nature Conservatory. This ride lasts for 1.5 hours and is perfect for photographers. It is filled with beautiful wildflowers and migratory birds. Ride your bike over the saltwater marshes of Cape Island Creek, where you can see shorebirds dipping and fiddler crabs dancing.

South Fork, Colorado

South Fork, Colorado is a ski resort town that experiences an early arrival of fall. It is located just two hours away from Durango. The Revolution Rail Company offers train rides until mid-October. The Rio Grande Run is a 6-mile journey on rail bikes that goes past tall pine trees and beautiful autumn colors. When you see the Rio Grande River flowing through the mountains, it will feel like you’re looking at a painting. The Silver Bridge Run tour is a longer and more challenging 12.5-mile round-trip. It takes place on weekends.

Poconos, Pennsylvania

Ride a bike in the Poconos through beautiful crimson and gold scenery with Pennsylvania Rail Tours, a family-run business. Start your journey from the station in Hawley, Pennsylvania, a town with a rich history located in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. Hawley is located 100 miles away from New York City and 150 miles away from Philadelphia. This ride is 10 miles long and takes you past beautiful waters, colorful trees, and you might even see eagles flying overhead.

Use the power of pedaling or pedal assist to effortlessly move forward. During the fall season, they also provide activities such as Peddlin’ and Pumpkin Pickin’. The longer rides, such as the Sunset Rails and Ales, take place in the evening and cover a distance of 24 miles or more.

Fort Bragg, California

If you enjoy sipping wine on the northern California coast during autumn, you should visit the Mendocino area. Fort Bragg is located to the north in Mendocino County. It is the home of Pudding Creek Railbikes. At this place, you can ride electric rail bikes with another person and explore the ancient redwood forest.

You can also bring your dog along for an additional fee. Walk across trestle bridges over Pudding Creek, a place full of animals. The rail bike adventure includes a 50-minute break where you can walk among the big redwood trees or have a picnic. You can also go on longer trips like the Railbikes on the Noyo and moonlight railbike rides.

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