Exploring the 5 Best Places To Live In Massachusetts for 2024

Massachusetts offers a variety of housing choices, reflecting its historical significance and lively atmosphere. Here are the top five places to live in Massachusetts, each with its unique charm and appeal.

Located in Cambridgeport, Cambridge

Cambridgeport, located in Cambridge, is considered one of Massachusetts’ top residential areas. It has a suburban feel, with a population of 10,634 residents. The area features excellent public schools and is very family-friendly. Yet, housing choices might be a bit restricted.


Brookline, a suburb of Boston, has a population of 62,620 residents. It boasts excellent public transportation and a variety of dining and shopping options. Living in Brookline can be difficult because of parking restrictions and high rental prices. However, it offers a great living experience, with most activities easily accessible.

The Port, Cambridge

Located in The Port, another neighborhood in Cambridge, this area has a suburban feel and is conveniently close to Central Square and Kendall Square. This area is recognized for its secure and welcoming atmosphere for families.

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Located just outside Boston, Newton is highly recommended by experts. It provides a perfect mix of city energy and peaceful suburban surroundings, making it a great option for those who want to be close to Boston’s buzz without being right in the middle of it.


Waltham, located just a half-hour drive from Boston, provides a suburban lifestyle with plenty of amenities and is renowned as one of Massachusetts’ top residential areas. Each of these places offers a unique living experience, showing that Massachusetts is a state that accommodates a variety of preferences. Massachusetts offers a variety of settings, from vibrant cities to peaceful suburbs.


Massachusetts offers a diverse range of housing options, including Cambridgeport, Brookline, The Port, Newton, and Waltham. Cambridgeport, a suburban area with excellent public schools, offers a family-friendly atmosphere. Brookline, a suburb of Boston, offers a mix of city energy and peaceful suburban surroundings.

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