Exploring the 5 Most Dangerous Cities in Louisiana for 2024

Louisiana is a sought-after spot with lively cities and distinctive Cajun dishes. While the state is a desirable location to reside in or explore, it faces challenges with crime, ranking among the highest in the US for violent crime. For your safety, continue reading to find out about the 5 most dangerous cities in Louisiana that you should steer clear of.


Monroe is considered the most dangerous city in Louisiana. Monroe, the eighth-largest city in Louisiana, is situated in Ouachita Parish. Monroe has the highest crime rate in New Orleans, with a violent crime rate that is 585% above the national average. This list consists of numerous incidents such as shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults, and burglaries. There is gang activity in Monroe, leading to numerous drug-related incidents. When visiting attractions such as the Biedenharn Museum, it is recommended not to leave personal belongings in your vehicle to avoid potential theft.


A town filled with numerous local attractions, Alexandria sits on the southern bank of the Red River. Nevertheless, the town is known for its high crime rate, which is 287% above the national average. In 2022, Alexandria reported 21 murders and 91 robberies. There were also numerous incidents of property crime, including thousands of thefts and burglaries reported in the same year.


Opelousas ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in Louisiana because of its elevated violent crime rate. Located in St. Landry Parish, this small city has been struggling with high crime rates for many years. Opelousas has a population of 15,786 and a total crime rate that is 259% higher than the national average. There is a significant amount of violent crime, with hundreds of incidents happening each year. In 2022, Opelousas experienced five murders, 17 robberies, and 236 burglaries.

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Gonzales is a small yet perilous city located in Ascension Parish in southern Louisiana. Gonzales, with a population of 12,231, has a crime rate that is 243% higher than the national average. In 2022, a total of 65 violent incidents occurred, which consisted of one murder, four robberies, and 59 assaults. Gonzales faces a significant issue with theft, as numerous homeowners have reported stolen property from their residences.


Bastrop is considered one of the riskiest towns in Louisiana. Bastrop is situated in Morehouse Parish near the Arkansas border. The town’s population is 9,961 with a total crime rate that exceeds the national average by 230%. Violent and property crime rates are elevated in Bastrop, with shootings, burglaries, and robberies happening at higher than average levels. Drug addiction is prevalent in the area, leading to a significant portion of the city’s crime.


Louisiana is a popular destination with lively cities and Cajun dishes, but it also faces high crime rates. The top five most dangerous cities in Louisiana are Monroe, Alexandria, Opelousas, Gonzales, and Bastrop. Monroe has the highest crime rate in New Orleans, with numerous incidents including shootings, homicides, robberies, assaults, and burglaries. These cities are known for drug-related incidents and high crime rates.

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