Exploring the Cities Where Most Celebrities Live in 2024

Many homebuyers desire to live in an upscale area. And what’s better than living in a place that is so amazing that it attracts celebrities and famous people? Continue reading to find out which states are the most popular among celebrities. These places are where well-known athletes, movie stars, and other famous people live.

States Where Most Celebrities Live


It is not surprising to learn that California is the state where most celebrities live. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in music, film, or other unique fields, California provides the best chances for those seeking a glamorous lifestyle.

The most popular city for people in the entertainment industry to live in is Los Angeles, specifically Hollywood. (Surprising, isn’t it?) However, there are other places that have also become popular among celebrities.

New York

New York State is a popular place for celebrities and famous people to live in. The main attraction of this state is New York City, also known as the Big Apple. Why? There are two main factors that contribute to a city’s appeal: its reputation and the amenities it provides.

The attraction of New York City for celebrities is well-known and understandable. New York City is a popular choice for celebrities because it has ties to NYFW, is the birthplace of hip-hop, has art galleries, and many recording studios.

New Jersey

Some people might be surprised by this, to some extent. New Jersey may not always seem glamorous, but it is home to many celebrities. One of the main reasons people are attracted to it is because it is close to New York City, but it also has its own famous people and events.

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Texas used to be famous for its increasing number of celebrities, but that might change because of the current political situation. However, Texas does have a lot to offer for celebrities who are looking for fun. This includes delicious barbecue, vibrant nightlife, and many friendly people.


Florida is a state where many celebrities live and there is currently a lot of political conflict happening. This might affect how many famous people you see in the state. But it’s still true that many celebrities have a home in Florida, even if it’s only for the winter months.


Some people, especially those in blue states, are often surprised to learn that Tennessee has its own group of celebrities who live there. Tennessee, just like Texas, is a popular place for actors, influential figures with conservative beliefs, country music stars, and reality TV show stars.


If you enjoy sunny weather and desert skies, then you probably understand the appeal that Nevada can have on someone. While this state may not have as many celebrities as other states, it is still considered to be friendly towards the glitterati.

The reason should be obvious: Las Vegas is located here. The City of Sin often hires celebrities to perform residency shows at resorts. Sometimes, there are celebrities who genuinely enjoy living in Vegas and take advantage of this opportunity.


Georgia offers an amazing lifestyle that is difficult to resist, especially in the South. Georgia is often called the “Hollywood of the South” because it has a lot of movie production, fashion, and rap music happening there.

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