Exploring the Most Abandoned Graveyard in Entire Pennsylvania

For those looking for a hiking adventure that combines nature, history, and intrigue, the Old Loggers Path in Lycoming County is worth exploring. Explore the 27-mile loop trail that leads you through the Masten Ghost Town, showcasing the remains of a former logging community deserted in the 1930s. One of the most captivating parts of the hike is the Masten Cemetery, a hidden graveyard nestled deep in the forest.

Exploring the Masten Ghost Town

Founded in 1905 by the Sones Brothers Lumber Company, Masten Ghost Town included a sawmill, a railroad, and a community for its employees and their families. During its peak, Masten had approximately 300 residents and featured a school, post office, general store, and hotel. The town thrived until the 1920s when the lumber industry declined, and the Great Depression hit. In 1930, the sawmill shut down, leading to most residents leaving the area. In 1941, the final family left Masten, turning it into a ghost town.

Today, you can see remnants of the town like building foundations, the railroad grade, and the water tower along the Old Loggers Path. You can find basic camping sites and a picnic area at the nearby Masten Campground.

Exploring the Masten Cemetery

Located about a mile south of the Masten Ghost Town, the Masten Cemetery sits on a hillside overlooking Pleasant Stream. Not commonly found on maps, the cemetery does not have signs or a designated path. To find it, simply follow a faint trail through the woods, cross a small stream, and climb up a steep hill. Surrounded by a stone wall and wire fence, the cemetery contains approximately 40 graves, with some lacking clear markings. Graves originated in 1907, with the newest one dating back to 1938.

This eerie yet serene cemetery offers a chance to honor Masten’s past inhabitants. Appreciate the beautiful scenery of the stream and mountains as you listen to the sounds of nature. The cemetery on the Old Loggers Path is a hidden treasure, bringing a touch of mystery and history to the trail, discovered by only a handful of hikers.

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Directions to Reach Your Destination

The Old Loggers Path starts and ends at the Masten Trailhead on Pleasant Stream Road in Lycoming County. It is indicated by orange blazes and follows a clockwise loop. The Masten Ghost Town is located around 3.5 miles from the trailhead, while the Masten Cemetery is roughly 4.5 miles away.

The trail is considered challenging, with steep climbs, descents, rocky sections, and stream crossings. It is suggested to plan a two or three-day hike, with designated campsites provided along the route. You can get a camping permit for Masten Campground at the Tiadaghton State Forest District Office in Waterville.

Embark on the Old Loggers Path for a rewarding experience blending nature and history. Enjoy stunning views, discover wildlife, and visit waterfalls near the remains of an abandoned town and a hidden graveyard. This hike guarantees an experience that encourages an appreciation for both the past and present.


The Old Loggers Path in Lycoming County offers a 27-mile loop trail through Masten Ghost Town, a former logging community deserted in the 1930s. The trail leads to the Masten Cemetery, a hidden graveyard with 40 graves dating back to 1938. The trail is challenging, with steep climbs, descents, and rocky sections. It is recommended for a two or three-day hike, with designated campsites and a camping permit available at Masten Campground.

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