Exploring the Oldest Church in Entire Maryland

Maryland has a rich religious history that dates back to its founding, with a welcoming attitude towards different faiths and denominations. Old Trinity Church in Church Creek is notable for its age and historical importance, standing out among the many churches in the area. This church building has a rich history and is worth exploring, as it is the oldest continuously used church in the continental United States and the original thirteen states.

The History of Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Church was built in 1675 during Maryland’s colonial era by Anglican settlers of the Eastern Shore. Originally known as Dorchester Parish Church, it was established to provide a convenient place of worship for local residents, saving them from having to travel to other areas. In spite of the various difficulties it encountered, such as fires, hurricanes, and vandalism, the church persevered thanks to the unwavering commitment of its community. Efforts to restore the building, particularly in the 1950s, successfully maintained its architectural integrity. This site holds the distinction of being a National Historic Landmark, and its historical significance encompasses important events in American history.

The Architecture of Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Church is a perfect illustration of colonial architecture, combining elements from both English and Dutch styles of the 17th century. The red brick façade showcases remarkable craftsmanship, with its Flemish bond pattern and glazed headers. The interior showcases a wooden floor, plaster walls, and a design that is both straightforward and refined. The charm of this place is enhanced by its collection of historic furnishings, including a wooden pulpit, baptismal font, and communion silver set. The stained glass windows beautifully portray biblical scenes, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere.

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The Legacy of Old Trinity Church

Old Trinity Church is not just a historic relic, but a vibrant place of worship that continues to hold regular services and special events. It remains dedicated to its congregation and community, actively participating in outreach programs and charitable initiatives. It represents Maryland’s religious heritage and invites visitors to appreciate its enduring beauty and significance.

Old Trinity Church is a remarkable symbol of Maryland’s rich cultural heritage, deserving of the utmost recognition and appreciation for its significant historical and spiritual contributions. Exploring this beloved landmark guarantees a memorable experience that will transport you through history and inspire your faith.


Maryland’s Old Trinity Church in Church Creek is the oldest continuously used church in the continental United States, built in 1675 by Anglican settlers. Despite facing challenges like fires and vandalism, the church has maintained its architectural integrity and is a National Historic Landmark. Its vibrant worship and community involvement make it a symbol of Maryland’s religious heritage.

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