Exploring the Places With The Highest Divorce Rate In Pennsylvania For 2024

The cities in Pennsylvania with the highest divorce rate for 2024, according to Saturday Night Science, are Lewi and Clearfield.

Summary of research on cities in Pennsylvania with the highest divorce rates. We used Saturday Night Science to analyze the most recent Census data for Pennsylvania. Our goal was to find out the divorce rate for each city in Pennsylvania. We calculated this rate by looking at the percentage of residents who are currently divorced. These are the results of our analysis:

  • The city in Pennsylvania with the highest divorce rate is Lewi, according to the most recent Census data.
  • Lewi is 19.0% Divorced.
  • The city with the lowest divorce rate in Pennsylvania is State College.
  • State College is 2.0% Divorced.
  • Pennsylvania is 7.0% Divorced.

There are 727,395 people in Pennsylvania who are divorced and are over the age of fifteen. In 2024, there are currently 28,339,199 Americans who are divorced.

A lot of people choose to run away or separate across the Keystone State.

Is the divorce rate in America almost 50%? Yes, that’s correct. However, we are actually examining a different aspect. We are focusing on the number and proportion of individuals who are currently divorced and are over 15 years old. The 50% statistic refers to the percentage of people who have experienced divorce at some point in their lives. Today, we will be analyzing the number of people who are currently divorced.

Now that we have your attention and you’re reconsidering your beliefs, let’s explore the areas in Pennsylvania with the highest rates of divorced individuals.

Before we start talking about the Saturday Night Science behind the data, let’s quickly review what we’ve learned so far.

Which city in Pennsylvania has the highest divorce rate? The most recent census data shows that 19.0% of people over 15 years of age in Lewi are divorced.

What is the divorce rate in Pennsylvania overall? The 2018-2022 Community Survey shows that the divorce rate in Pennsylvania is 7.0%, while the divorce rate in the US is 10.9%.

Okay, let’s talk about how we determined the areas in Pennsylvania with the highest divorce rates.

Places With The Highest Divorce Rate In Pennsylvania For 2024


Population: 8,522
Divorce Rate: 19.0%
Divorcees: 1,295
Median Income: $36,166


Population: 5,937
Divorce Rate: 16.0%
Divorcees: 759
Median Income: $50,485

Oil City

Population: 9,599
Divorce Rate: 16.0%
Divorcees: 1,228
Median Income: $48,632


Population: 5,262
Divorce Rate: 16.0%
Divorcees: 673
Median Income: $36,071


Population: 5,241
Divorce Rate: 15.0%
Divorcees: 628
Median Income: $40,969


Population: 5,051
Divorce Rate: 14.0%
Divorcees: 565
Median Income: $47,530


Population: 8,818
Divorce Rate: 14.0%
Divorcees: 987
Median Income: $52,681


Population: 5,279
Divorce Rate: 14.0%
Divorcees: 591
Median Income: $59,940

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How We Determined The Places In Pennsylvania That Get Un-Hitched The Most?

Because this is the 58th category of rankings we are creating for the website, we already knew where to find information about marriage and divorce in America. We used Saturday Night Science to examine the U.S. Census Bureau’s data on divorce rates. Why does the U.S. government enjoy keeping track of unhappiness?

We specifically examined the Marital Status table (S1201) from the 2018-2022 American Community Survey. It was pretty easy to understand and do. We just had to get the data from this specific column:

  • Population 15 Years and Over -> Divorced

There are some interesting, fun, and sad data.Out of all the young women in America between the ages of 15 and 19, 1% of them are divorced. However, none of the young men in that age group are divorced. It’s likely that the 0% for males is due to rounding, but it’s still worth noting.

However, the national data will be discussed on a different day. Today, we are analyzing 189 places in Pennsylvania that have a population of over 5,000.

We organized each location based on the proportion of people over 15 years old who are divorced, starting with the highest percentage and ending with the lowest. We named Lewi as the divorce capital of Pennsylvania because it has the highest number of divorced people.

If you want to prevent divorce, consider State College. It has the lowest divorce rate in Pennsylvania. This article has been updated for 2024. It is our fifth time ranking the cities in Pennsylvania with the highest divorce rates.

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