Exploring World’s Most Heavily Guarded Places Near Utah and Idaho

The world is full of hidden secrets, some tucked away in highly secure places far from the public eye. These locations protect important treasures, sensitive information, or religious artifacts, requiring strict security measures. This article explores two well-protected locations near Utah and Idaho.

Granite Mountain Records Vault

The Granite Mountain Records Vault, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon church, is a vast archive of records and history. Located 700 feet inside a mountain near Salt Lake City, Utah, this vault can only be accessed by authorized personnel. This product features two doors, one weighing 9 tons and the other 14 tons, specifically built to withstand a nuclear blast.

The vault contains 3.5 billion microfilm images and genealogical records, documenting the history and ancestry of millions worldwide. Moreover, the vault contains duplicates of the church’s scriptures, historical records, and other sacred items. According to the church, this facility is extremely secure and fireproof, ensuring the preservation of records for future generations.

Discover The Swiss Vaults

Spread across Switzerland, the Swiss Vaults create an underground network of vaults and bunkers used for storing gold, cash, art, and other valuable assets for the Swiss government, banks, corporations, and individuals. Located deep in the mountains, these vaults have strong steel doors, armed guards, and biometric scanners. Some vaults are equipped with self-destruct mechanisms that can destroy their contents if breached.

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Known for their discreet operations, strong security measures, financial stability, and impartiality, the Swiss Vaults have protected the assets of prominent individuals and groups such as the Vatican, the Rothschild family, and the Nazis. While the specific quantity and whereabouts of these vaults are not publicly known, it is estimated that they could contain around 25% of the global gold reserves.


The Granite Mountain Records Vault, owned by the Mormon church, is a secure archive of 3.5 billion microfilm images and genealogical records, ensuring the preservation of records for future generations. The Swiss Vaults, spread across Switzerland, are underground networks of vaults and bunkers for storing valuable assets, including gold.

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