Florida City Cracks Down on Spring Break Lawlessness By Applying New Rules

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – With spring break approaching, Miami Beach, Florida, officials are taking early action to prevent a repeat of last year’s crime and chaos during the celebrations.

During a meeting held in early February, the Miami Beach City Commission revealed new regulations, such as the ability to enforce curfews when necessary and shut down beaches. “We are closing the chapter on spring break once and for all,” stated Commissioner Alex Fernandez during the meeting. Lawlessness in Miami Beach will not be accepted.

During the peak spring break season, happening over two weekends in mid-March, there will be more police around, working longer shifts. They will be strict about open container and noise laws, as well as enforcing new curfews. The commissioners decided to give the city the authority to temporarily close sidewalk cafes on Ocean Drive, along with parking garages and lots if needed. Towing fees will increase to $516 for the entire month.

Furthermore, license plate readers will be set up on the MacArthur Causeway and Julia Tuttle Causeway, along with DUI checkpoints that will narrow traffic down to one lane.

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If individuals are found to have violated the new regulations, they may be subject to fines, arrest, or imprisonment. “We must address these problems immediately and take proactive measures,” stated Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner this week. “If someone believes we are doing too much, then we are likely on the right track.”

Meiner emphasized the importance of reducing crowds to protect the businesses from negative incidents during March that could harm their brand.

Lately, the city has had to announce states of emergency during spring break. In 2023, Miami Beach police reported two fatal shootings, 488 arrests, and numerous nightly brawls and conflicts between party-goers and law enforcement.

Earlier this week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis emphasized the importance of ensuring that spring break activities do not disrupt local businesses or residents’ quality of life. Several spring break measures will continue to be enforced in March.


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