Four Tornadoes Has Been Verified in the Pittsburgh Area

As of Friday, there have been four confirmed tornadoes in the Pittsburgh area. The National Weather Service has confirmed that there were four tornadoes that touched down. One was near Harrison City in Westmoreland County, another was in the area of Lincoln-Mount Vernon-Elrama in Allegheny County, a third was on Washington Boulevard near the Highland Park Bridge near Aspinwall, and a fourth was photographed just north of the Allegheny County Airport. This information was provided by the National Weather Service.

Pittsburgh has experienced a lot of weather activity this month. There have been six tornadoes in Pennsylvania this year. In the area covered by NWS Pittsburgh, which includes parts of Ohio and West Virginia, there have been nine incidents in May.

In May 2024, there have been more tornadoes in the Pittsburgh area than in any other May on record. This includes May 1985, when there was a major outbreak of tornadoes on May 31 of that year. First Alert Meteorologist Ray Petelin provided this information. A video online shows what appears to be a tornado or funnel cloud near Hyland Road, close to Harrison City.

Another video from East Liberty, facing the Highland Park Bridge, seems to have recorded a tornado or funnel cloud around 4:45 p.m. The National Weather Service (NWS) confirmed that this was an EF1 tornado on Friday evening. They stated that a damage survey team confirmed that the maximum wind speeds were estimated to be 105 mph.

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“There was damage at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Several trees and power poles were broken along Washington Boulevard and near the Highland Park Bridge.” An official from NWS Pittsburgh said on Friday that the tornado stopped shortly after it crossed the Allegheny River. Friday has been designated as a First Alert Weather Day due to the possibility of severe weather.

The National Weather Service is doing storm surveys for the tornadoes. They started with one on Friday evening in Aspinwall. We will be conducting surveys in the Mount Vernon-Elrama area and also in Harrison City.

Chris DeRose from KDKA-TV was at Washington Boulevard near Allegheny River Boulevard, where crews were working to move fallen trees. According to one person at the scene, this was an unfortunate event that they didn’t want to happen, especially during rush hour.

A funnel cloud was spotted at the Pittsburgh Zoo, which is close by. The zoo has confirmed that all the animals, guests, and employees are safe. However, there is some damage to the zoo’s grounds. We are currently conducting an assessment, and we will provide more information at a later time.

In Elrama, a person told KDKA-TV that the storm passed directly through their backyard and destroyed their pool. Gov. Josh Shapiro stated that his administration is communicating with local officials to provide assistance following the tornadoes. “We are prepared to assist wherever necessary,” he stated in a post on social media.

Why are they happening at such an early time? Meteorologist Fred McMullen from NWS Pittsburgh explained that the reason for this winter’s lack of cold air is significant.

“When you don’t have cold winters and transition quickly into a warm spring season, you experience increased moisture and wind shear with the system,” McMullen explained to KDKA-TV earlier this week. The time when tornadoes are most likely to occur in western Pennsylvania is usually in June, and there may be more tornadoes coming soon.

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