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Friday Winter Weather Advisory for Snow That Might Proliferate

Friday Winter Weather Advisory for Snow That Might Proliferate

As the winter season continues to unfold, a significant snow event is anticipated to hit parts of the United States this Friday. This blog post provides a detailed analysis of the Winter Weather Advisory for Friday’s snow, highlighting key aspects such as the forecast, expected snowfall, temperatures, and potential impacts on daily life.

Weather Patterns and Forecast: The upcoming snow event is shaping up to be a moderate accumulating snowfall, which is expected to impact schools and travel significantly. The National Weather Service has expanded its winter weather advisories into Maryland and Virginia, anticipating the snow to arrive before sunrise.

The most significant impact is expected in metro areas during the morning to early afternoon hours. In higher mountain regions, a Winter Storm Warning is in place, with potential snow accumulations of 6 to 12 inches through Saturday​​.

A critical factor in this weather event is the potential development of a Meso-Low near the coast, specifically near I-95 between Noon and 4 PM. This localized weather phenomenon could enhance the snowfall, expanding moderate snow banding and prolonging its duration​​.

Model Predictions: Weather models such as the GFS Model and the High Resolution NAM 3 Km Model provide insights into how the snow might expand and evolve. The snow is expected to spread from the Ohio Valley before sunrise, with the surface low tracking off North Carolina, far from the snow’s primary area.

Notably, the Meso-Low near Cape May, NJ, could be a significant contributor to the weather pattern between noon and 4 PM. These models indicate that the snow will intensify in metro areas between 3 and 5 AM and remain steady for most of the day, influenced by the Meso-Low​​.

Temperature Trends: The temperatures during this snow event are mostly predicted to stay below freezing, which will enhance the “stickage” of snow. There’s a possibility that the freezing line may approach Baltimore, but if the Meso-Low forms, it could pull in colder air from the west, keeping most regions under snow. This scenario is less likely for Southern Maryland​​.

Potential Snowfall: The expected snowfall varies across different regions. For instance, the National Weather Service suggests that northern Maryland might see 2 to 3 inches, while areas from Washington to Annapolis could receive closer to 1 inch. Higher snow accumulations are forecasted for mountainous regions due to colder temperatures and longer-lasting snow into Saturday​​.

Travel and Safety Implications: Given the forecasted conditions, travelers should expect slick roads and potentially hazardous commuting conditions. Residents and commuters in the affected areas need to be prepared for the inclement weather, adjusting travel plans accordingly, and exercising caution. Schools and other institutions might alter their schedules in response to the snowfall, as seen in previous similar events.

As the winter season continues to present its challenges, this upcoming snow event on Friday is a reminder of the ever-changing and sometimes unpredictable nature of weather. Those in the affected areas should stay informed about the latest weather updates and prepare for potential disruptions to their daily routines. Safety should be a priority during such events, with precautions taken both on the road and at home.

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