Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants Arizona Doctors to Perform California Abortions

Arizona doctors may be allowed to perform abortions on their patients in California, according to a proposal announced on Wednesday by Governor Gavin Newsom. This proposal aims to bypass a ban on almost all abortions in Arizona’s neighboring state.

This would only apply to doctors who are licensed in Arizona and have a good standing, as well as their patients. It would only be in effect until the end of November. Arizona passed a law in 1864 that prohibits all abortions, except in cases where the woman’s life is at risk. This law will go into effect on June 8. Governor Newsom believes that ensuring access to abortions is a matter of basic decency and respect for women and girls.

“This law in Arizona will be the first law in a border state that will directly affect California,” said the Democratic governor. “Instead of simply accepting fate and the future, we are making an effort to proactively address this law.”

Newsom joined a group called the California Legislative Women’s Caucus and is working with advocates to announce a proposal. Lawmakers criticized the Arizona law as “draconian” and argued that California had a responsibility to take action. The bill must be approved by a two-thirds vote in both houses of the Legislature before it can be signed by Newsom. Once he signs it, the new policy will take effect right away.

Dr. Tanya Spirtos, who is a gynecologist and the president of the California Medical Association, said it is unfortunate that people in Arizona who need abortions will have to go to another state. However, she is proud that California is helping them by offering assistance.

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“Patients should make all personal medical decisions, including those about abortion, in consultation with their healthcare providers,” Spirtos said. “The ruling will make it very difficult for doctors to perform abortions in the state, which could put them at risk for providing necessary medical care to their patients.”

The Arizona Supreme Court recently allowed the near-total ban to proceed. Fifteen states have made it illegal to have an abortion at any point during pregnancy. However, the Legislature in Arizona is likely to get rid of a law that has been in place for 160 years, which means the state will only allow abortions up to 15 weeks. In California, the law usually permits the procedure until the fetus is able to survive outside the womb, which is typically around 24 weeks.

In 2022, there were about 11,500 reported abortions in Arizona. This is a decrease from the previous year, which had nearly 14,000 reported abortions. The information comes from a report by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs, who is a Democrat, chose not to provide a comment on the California bill.

Arizona House Speaker Ben Toma, a Republican who voted against repealing the near-total ban, believes that Newsom should prioritize addressing the significant issues within his own state.

Arizona state Senator Eva Burch, who is a member of the Democratic party, expressed support for the California proposal, calling it a positive move. However, she also expressed her hope that it won’t be needed because she wants Arizona to repeal the ban on its own. Burch has had two abortions to end pregnancies that were not viable.

“It’s not fair to expect patients to have to travel to another state for this type of care,” Burch said. “In situations like mine, where I experienced a miscarriage that was not progressing, it would not be suitable to travel.”

Abortion access in California has never been seriously at risk. However, Governor Newsom, who is considered a potential presidential candidate after 2024, has made it a priority to protect and support this access.

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