Home Local News Governor Newsom to Block California Bill Seeking Youth Football Ban

Governor Newsom to Block California Bill Seeking Youth Football Ban

Governor Newsom to Block California Bill Seeking Youth Football Ban

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office has confirmed that he intends to veto a bill that seeks to prohibit tackle football for youth. A statement from Newsom’s office declared, “I will not sign legislation that prohibits youth tackle football.” “There is a growing concern regarding the health and safety of young athletes, but experts argue that an outright ban may not be the most effective solution.” The Administration has expressed its commitment to collaborating with the Legislature and the bill’s author to enhance safety in youth football. The focus is on empowering parents to make informed decisions regarding the most suitable sports for their children.

A legislative effort has been made to ban children under the age of 12 from participating in tackle football within organized leagues. Sacramento Assemblymember Kevin McCarty has been a strong advocate for implementing this ban on multiple occasions. In his argument, he highlighted the availability of alternative sports options for families and emphasized that his bill has the potential to save lives. Assembly Bill 734 has been unsuccessful for the third time.

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McCarty stated in an interview with KCRA 3 on Jan. 9 that there are specific activities that pose risks to younger individuals. “Engaging in activities that could potentially harm young children is a matter of concern for their safety.”

In a recent statement, Newsom announced his office’s intention to collaborate with health and sports medicine experts, coaches, parents, and community members to address the issue of youth football safety. In 2019, the governor signed the California Youth Football Act, a bill aimed at creating a safety framework to minimize the impact of full-contact tackles.

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There has been a mixed response to Mccarty’s bill, with both opposition and support. The Concussion Legacy Foundation showed their support. Sacramento Youth Football, a prominent organization with 9,000 participants aged six to 14, emerged as a strong opponent of the bill. The bill is currently in its early stages and recently underwent its first committee hearing on January 10th.

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