Hamtramck's Bon Bon Bon: A Sweet Success Story

Is there anything more universally delicious than chocolate? Think about it: it’s a staple sweet treat and, on more than one occasion, has mended a broken heart during a binge eating session.

The art of creating those decadent chocolate treats we love is truly an art form and one not just anyone can master.

According to the source, USA Today understands this sentiment completely and sets out to find the absolute best chocolate shops across the country for their annual USA Today 10Best List.

“Independent chocolate shops across the country offer a variety of delicious and distinctive chocolates that are made with premium ingredients and infused with unique flavors,” they said.

“Whether you’re looking for creative bars, glossy truffles, chocolate-covered fruits, or whimsical bonbons, you can find them at these 10 stores, selected by a panel of experts and voted by readers as the best in the United States.”

Making the list as one of the 10 Best Chocolate Shops in America is the Hamtramck-based artisan chocolate company, Bon Bon Bon. The state-wide famous chocolate shop has a beginning as unique as its chocolates.

“We make everything in Hamtramck,” said Adrienne Shonk, head of sales for Bon Bon Bon. “Bon Bon Bon was founded in the backroom of a Coney Island in Hamtramck.”

Here’s what made the shop a top pick for USA Today readers: “This Hamtramck-based artisan chocolate company, with stores in Michigan, creates bonbons with clever flavor combinations and eye-catching designs that look as delicious as they taste.

In their handiwork, Bon Bon Bon’s confectioners — lovingly nicknamed ‘The Babes Babes Babes’ — apply classic French techniques with Detroit ingenuity, along with local ingredients, to make these delectable.

Orders avoiding nuts or gluten, along with vegan options and a special Bon Of The Month, are all available.”

So, if you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Bon Bon Bon, now is the perfect time to treat yourself. Whether you’re in Michigan or ordering online, prepare to be delighted by their exquisite creations.

Every Movie Theater Candy, Ranked From Worst to Best

  1. Sno-Caps
    Sno-Caps are gross and should never be eaten.
  2. Red Vines
    Twizzlers vs. Red Vines isn’t even a debate. Red Vines taste like expired cough medicine that’s congealed into a solid form.
  3. Mike and Ike
    Mike and Ike is the least appealing fruit candy available. They always taste stale.
  4. Milk Duds
    Milk Duds aren’t bad, but they get stuck in your teeth. You need a drink to eat an entire box.
  5. Jujyfruits
    Other fruit candies are superior. Plus, they cost Elaine her relationship and job in a Seinfeld episode.
  6. Whoppers
    Malt belongs in milkshakes, not little chocolate balls.
  7. Gummy Bears
    Gummy bears are good in small portions, but too many are overwhelming.
  8. Cookie Dough Bites
    Cookie dough is an American scam. They trick people into buying uncooked dough.
  9. Welch’s Fruit Snacks
    A stronger alternative to Gummy Bears with more varied fruit flavors.
  10. Reese’s Pieces
    Reese’s Pieces are weaker compared to other Reese’s products. Reese’s cups would be better.
  11. Lemonheads
    Solid and underrated, but the name is unappealing.
  12. Good & Plenty
    Licorice is divisive, but Good & Plenty is great for those who love it.
  13. Raisinets
    Almost fruit and too healthy for a movie theater snack.
  14. Swedish Fish
    Delicious but one-note. The same flavor gets tiring.
  15. Hot Tamales
    Hot Tamales have a nice texture and are a refreshing alternative.
  16. Sweetart Ropes
    A good new addition with a surprising taste, unlike old SweeTarts.
  17. Butterfinger Bites
    Butterfinger Bites are endorphin-inducing with the “MOVIE PACK” logo.
  18. Dots
    Dots flavors power ranking: 1. Red, 2. Green, 3. Yellow, 4. Pink, 5. Orange.
  19. Skittles
    Classic, but the switch from lime to green apple was disappointing.
  20. Buncha Crunch
    Superior to the original Crunch bar. Easy to eat in handfuls.
  21. M&Ms
    Classic and versatile. An M&M dispenser for custom mixes would be great.
  22. Goobers
    Despite digestive issues, Goobers are too delicious to resist occasionally.
  23. Twizzlers
    Known as “The Good Red Vines.” Limitless consumption.
  24. Snickers Bites
    One of the best candy bars, even better in bite-size form.
  25. Junior Mints
    A perfect mix of chocolate and peppermint.
  26. Sour Patch Kids
    More flavorful than Swedish Fish, with fun sour crystals.
  27. Starburst
    Variety of flavors, chewy texture, and never get stuck in your teeth.

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