Happy to Find the Best Sites to Find a Roommate in NYC for You

Looking for a roommate in NYC can be quite overwhelming, especially if you’re a newcomer to the city. It’s important to find a partner who is financially stable and responsible, as well as someone you can get along with. Luckily, technology has simplified the process of finding compatible roommates who share similar tastes and preferences. If you’re looking for a roommate in NYC, here are some great places to begin your search.

Best NYC Roommate Websites


Diggz is the top choice for finding roommates in NYC. This website is free and assists tenants in finding roommates, rooms for rent, or apartment listings in different cities across the US, such as NYC. Users can easily create a profile on the site by providing details such as their maximum monthly budget, preferred lease duration, occupation, hometown, and other relevant information.

Moreover, users can easily rate their habits like drinking, smoking, eating, work schedule, and more using a frequency scale. Many users have praised Diggz for being one of the top roommate searching apps available, noting its straightforward design that facilitates quick roommate finding.


Roomi is a fantastic resource for locating roommates in NYC. This application assists individuals in renting rooms and locating trustworthy roommates in large cities. Individuals looking to rent out a property are required to undergo a background check to prevent fraudulent activity or questionable individuals. In addition, the app includes a secure messaging function, allowing you to communicate with potential roommates without sharing your personal contact information.

Users complete a profile with their personal details, roommate preferences, and moving preferences. Alternatively, they can browse through the listings and get in touch with other users or landlords directly.

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Spare Room

One effective method for finding a roommate in NYC is by utilizing Spare Room. Spare Room is a free platform that assists individuals in locating rooms for rent and potential roommates in NYC or the UK. Users have the option to set up a profile with a bio, total budget, preferred neighborhoods, interests, and information about smoking or pets.

If you find a profile that interests you, you can easily reach out to them through the website or locate their email or social media details on their profile. Spare Room is highly regarded by both tenants and landlords in NYC for its safety and reliability in finding renters.

Rainbow Roommates

Rainbow Roommates caters to the LGBTQ community by providing a service to help find roommates and rentals. Since 1995, it has been recognized as a top provider of roommate and rental services for the LGBTQ+ community. Our listing service offers rooms in various locations across the five boroughs and New Jersey.

They also maintain a physical location in Midtown where users can arrange a meeting with a representative in person. Based on the testimonials on their website, users have praised the Rainbow Roommates staff for being attentive and skilled at connecting people with trustworthy roommates.

Listings Project

The listings project provides a thoughtfully selected newsletter featuring real estate listings, jobs, and various opportunities in major US cities, including New York. It’s like the email version of classifieds, with careful vetting done for each listing to guarantee safety and accuracy.

Simply provide your email address and authorize them to send you weekly updates to access the listings. They also include listings for art studios, workspaces, rehearsal spaces, and more, in addition to apartments and rooms for rent.

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