Here are the Cheapest Places to Live in Florida

Florida, known for its vast size, attracts numerous individuals who choose to settle in popular towns such as Orlando or Boca Raton. Some cities are known for their high cost of living. Florida boasts numerous affordable housing options that provide residents with the same level of safety and amenities found in pricier areas. Continue reading to uncover the top eleven most budget-friendly locations to reside in Florida.

Cheapest Places to Live in Florida


Bartow, which is in central Florida and only fifty miles from both Orlando and Tampa, is the cheapest place to live in Florida. A home in Bartow costs about $259,000 on average. Nearly half the price of apartments in Florida and the rest of the country, a one-bedroom apartment in Bartow costs only $1,050.

Most people in Bartow own their own homes, and the area has a strong job market because it’s close to bigger towns. Bartow is in a quiet area that is easy to get to in Polk County. If you work outside of Bartow, it’s also easy to get to work.

Homosassa Springs

The town of Homosassa Springs is just north of Tampa Bay. Even though it’s one of the more rural options on this list, it’s still a great and cheap place to live for people who like their own company.

Most homes in Homosassa Springs cost around $269,000. You can get a one-bedroom rental for about $1,125, which is a lot less than the average price across the country. The price is right for living there.

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Jacksonville, Florida is the least expensive big city in the state to live in. It’s also the biggest city in Florida and one of the biggest towns in the US in terms of size. The city of Jacksonville is near the border between Florida and Georgia, at the very top of the state. There are, however, some cheaper places to live in Florida than most other big towns. One of these is Jacksonville.

In Jacksonville, the average price of a home is about $393,000. This is a lot more than the national average. Most people pay about $1,140 a month for a one-bedroom apartment. Prices here will be cheaper than most places in the US. Jacksonville is the cheapest city in Florida. For about $1,950 a month, you can live a nice life here.


It is also one of the least expensive places to live in Florida to live in Gainesville. The University of Florida and Santa Fe College are both there. It is one of the bigger towns in Central Florida. It is possible to live in a big city for the price of a smaller one.

As a whole, homes in Gainesville cost less than the rates in Florida and the United States, with a median price of $295,000. This place costs about $1,170 for a one-bedroom apartment. The only thing that costs a lot in Gainesville is the electricity and water.


You can live in Dunedin for a very low price. It is one of the most interesting towns in Florida. The relaxed vibe this city gives its residents is perfect for people who want to live a simple life. Any family will love that it has great schools and a low crime rate.

At the time, the average price of a home in Dunedin is around $349,000. However, the market is always changing. In Dunedin, a one-bedroom apartment will cost around $1,200.

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