Here We Discovered the Most Historically Racist Places In Virginia for 2024

Summary of research on historical locations of the KKK in Virginia. We examined a study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University called Saturday Night Science. The study mapped Klaverns by city between the years 1915 and 1940. This report examines the places in Virginia where historic KKK organizations were most common.

  • Richmond, Virginia had the highest number of Klaverns, with a total of 3 Klaverns.
  • The city in Virginia with the highest number of Klaverns per person was Melfa, with 0.0024 Klaverns.
  • Virginia had a total of 41 Klaverns in the past.
  • During the period mentioned, there were 37 locations in Virginia that had at least 1 Klavern.

Measuring hate groups can be difficult because there is usually no official record of their locations. However, there is information available about the specific locations of different groups of the Ku Klux Klan, known as Klaverns, in each state. These cities in Virginia have a history of being the most racist, as indicated by the number of KKK Klaverns.

This report does not address the current residents or the current status of the KKK in the same towns or areas.

Cities With Hisoritcally High KKK Membership In Virginia

Rank City Population Klans Klans Per Capita
1 Melfa, VA 411 1 0.00243309
2 Parrott, VA 508 1 0.0019685
3 Pocahontas, VA 626 1 0.00159744
4 Occoquan, VA 861 1 0.00116144
5 Cape Charles, VA 926 1 0.00107991
6 Warsaw, VA 1,229 1 0.00081367
7 Gretna, VA 1,315 1 0.00076046
8 Lawrenceville, VA 1,404 1 0.00071225
9 Appalachia, VA 1,732 1 0.00057737
10 Elkton, VA 2,770 1 0.00036101
11 Crewe, VA 2,875 1 0.00034783
12 Tazewell, VA 4,568 1 0.00021891
13 King George, VA 4,971 1 0.00020117
14 Bluefield, VA 5,375 1 0.00018605
15 Covington, VA 5,853 1 0.00017085
16 Purcellville, VA 8,350 1 0.00011976
17 Warrenton, VA 9,774 1 0.00010231
18 Culpeper, VA 16,968 1 5.893e-05
19 Bristol, VA 17,595 1 5.683e-05
20 Christiansburg, VA 21,427 1 4.667e-05

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Method to Measure the Most Historically Racist Places In Virginia

Although there are surveys and public polls about the most racist places, we didn’t want to base our information on speculation and personal opinions. Instead, we examined the concrete data on the locations where KKK organizations have been present.

We examined research from Virginia Commonwealth University that studied the locations of the Klans in different areas and provided a historical account of their recruitment between 1915 and 1940.

We used Saturday Night Science to study the number of historic KKK organizations in different places based on the population data of those places.

This is an accurate list of the places in Virginia with the highest number of historical KKK Klaverns per capita.

The cities with the highest number of KKK klaverns per person were Melfa, Parrott, Pocahontas, Occoquan, Cape Charles, Warsaw, Gretna, Lawrenceville, Appalachia, and Elkton.

A quick history lesson on the KKK

The KKK, or the Ku Klux Klan, is a white supremacist hate group that has a history of promoting racism and violence against minority groups in the United States. The KKK, or Ku Klux Klan, was established in 1865. There have been three distinct movements of the KKK in America, all of which claimed to be “purification movements.” The movement that took place between 1865 and the 1870s aimed to remove Republican state governments from power.

The second movement of the KKK took place from 1915 to 1944. During this time, millions of KKK members formed. The KKK was against immigration into America, particularly targeting Catholics and Jews.

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