Hottest Real Estate Discover the Fastest-Growing Home Prices in Vermont

For many years, people looking for a slower pace of life have found refuge in Vermont, a state renowned for its picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and serene environment. However, there has been a recent boom in real estate in the Green Mountain State.

We’ll investigate the towns and cities where property values are rising the fastest and find out what’s causing this trend. We’ll explore the who, what, and why of Vermont’s most vibrant real estate markets, providing insightful information for prospective purchasers and investors who are interested in learning more about the state’s changing housing market.

So come along as we visit Vermont’s most popular real estate markets, whether your dream home is a quaint downtown property or a comfortable cottage in the woods!


At $701,230, the average home in Stratton is worth a lot of money. There has been a noticeable increase in property values over the last year, rising by a hefty $72,462, or an excellent 11.5%.

Property values are trending upward, which is indicative of a thriving local real estate market.

In the last five years, homeowners in Stratton have seen a notable return on their real estate investments, with prices rising by $297,300, or an astounding 73.6% in that time.

This town is appealing to both potential homeowners and real estate investors due to its strong growth, which highlights its desirability and investment potential.


The average home in Warren, Vermont is worth a substantial $486,695. This charming town’s real estate market has experienced a notable upturn over the last 12 months, with prices rising by $67,656, or 16.1%.

Hottest Real Estate Discover the Fastest-Growing Home Prices in Vermont

This strong growth pattern is further demonstrated by looking at the last five years, when property prices have increased by an astounding $235,107, or 93.4%.

Warren, which is a part of the Barre metropolitan region, is a desirable location for homeowners looking for a balance between opportunity and peace of mind because it combines both natural beauty and economic development.

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The average home is worth $498,139, which is a significant amount of money. Peru’s housing market has had a significant upswing in the last year, with prices rising by $58,299, or 13.3%, on average.

This pattern is a sign of a healthy real estate market, which has also experienced remarkable growth over the previous five years, with prices rising by $231,029, or an astounding 86.5%.

These numbers highlight Peru’s thriving housing market, which is distinguished by high demand and consistent growth and appeals to both homeowners and investors.

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The average home in Fayston, Vermont is valued at $543,523, which is significantly higher than average. Property values have risen significantly over the last year, by $44,963, or 9.0%, according to data.

Hottest Real Estate Discover the Fastest-Growing Home Prices in Vermont

In the last five years, property values have increased by an astounding $207,836, or 61.9%, indicating that this growth pattern is not unique.

These rising property values are a sign of a healthy real estate market in the Barre metropolitan region, where Fayston is located.

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At $795,406, the average home in Charlotte, Vermont, is worth a noteworthy amount. With prices growing by $44,228 over the course of the last year, the housing market has experienced a remarkable uptick of 5.9%.

The appreciation has increased even more during the previous five years, with a notable $262,704 increase that represents a significant 49.3% gain.

Homebuyers seeking value and long-term investment potential find Charlotte, which is part of the bustling Burlington-South Burlington metro area, to be an appealing option due to its scenic scenery and thriving real estate market.

To Conclude

The real estate market in Vermont is booming, from the scenic Stratton hills to the quaint town of Charlotte.

In addition to providing a lovely place to live, these communities have the potential to yield substantial returns on investment due to the state’s steadily increasing property values.

The most popular real estate markets in Vermont have options for everyone, whether you’re looking for a primary home or a vacation retreat. So, now might be the ideal time to act if you’ve always wanted to possess a piece of Vermont’s enchantment.

Just keep in mind that there will be more competition in a hot market, so when you find your ideal house, you better move quickly!

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