Iconic NYC restaurant owner fears from city unsafe conditions threaten employees

The owner of a famous restaurant in New York City says that crime is a big problem there. Junior’s Restaurant’s owner, Alan Rosen, expressed his concern about the crisis to The New York Post. He mentioned that he feels there are no consequences for causing chaos in the city.

“When did it become acceptable to steal from a pharmacy?” Which society is it considered acceptable in? “People should not be allowed to shoplift at CVS,” he said in a recent interview with the outlet. “Stop!” There are no negative outcomes or punishments. “That is one of the issues.”

Rosen’s comments are about the many problems that residents and businesses are dealing with. These include theft in stores, violence against police, dangerous conditions on public transportation, and a difficult situation with migrants that is putting a lot of strain on the city.

Some pharmacies and grocery stores in the area have decided to lock up items like ice cream or over-the-counter medicines because they have been influenced by crime. When people are outside stores or using public transportation, there is a chance that they may be victims of muggings or other violent crimes.

Earlier this month, Governor Kathy Hochul called in the National Guard to assist local police in addressing a recent increase in crime in the city’s subways.

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At Times Square, close to Junior’s places, a group of illegal immigrants attacked two NYPD officers. The attackers were charged with assault but were released without having to pay bail. Rosen told the Post that some of his employees have felt unsafe due to worsening conditions.

The report stated that he is worried about their safety when they leave work to go home at night. The assault on his own daughter last summer, which happened randomly, is another example of moral decline. “We are not comfortable.” We don’t feel safe. “We want our city back,” he said to the media outlet.

He criticized cashless bail for allowing a few bad people to ruin the reputation of everyone else. The same problem has occurred in many big cities in the U.S. where criminals commit crimes and then are released back onto the streets to do it again.

“Our police have been restricted.” We need to increase the number of police officers! “He said that we should refund the police, not defund the police.”

Rosen expressed more concerns about the quality of life in New York City. He mentioned the high cost of living and also mentioned that the city is considering implementing a “congestion toll” that could make it more difficult for his trucks to transport goods from New Jersey.

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