Indiana Cities With the Most Ashley Madison Accounts

The cities in Indiana with the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts in 2024, according to Saturday Night Science, are Monterey and Boswell. Do you know someone who might be cheating in Indiana? If you live in one of the cities listed below, it is likely that you do. Chances are, you know someone who made an account on Ashley Madison or had someone else create an account for them.

More than 32 million accounts were made on Ashley Madison, and it is widely believed that almost all of them were created by men. There were a total of over 226,838 accounts created in Indiana alone. That’s a large number, especially when you consider that the total population of the state is approximately 5,022,457.

We analyzed 464 cities and used Saturday Night Science to determine which cities in the Hoosier State have the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts per person.

Indiana Cities With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts

  • Monterey
  • Boswell
  • West College Corner
  • Alexandria
  • Akron
  • Colfax
  • Kempton
  • Aurora
  • Corunna
  • Stilesville

Many of these are smaller cities in Indiana where a large number of residents have an account on Ashley Madison. Cities that have Air Force, Naval, and other military bases usually had a large number of Ashley Madison accounts per person. If you want to know where your town ranked, continue reading below. Alternatively, you can skip to the end for a detailed chart.

Method to Determine the Potential Cheaters in Hoosier State

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We used two sources, Saturday Night Science and the Ashley Madison database, to determine the number of accounts created in each zip code. We use the term “accounts” instead of “people” because it is possible to create fake accounts associated with a city or to have multiple accounts. However, the number of accounts can be a good indicator of the number of people attempting to cheat.

We looked for the city in Indiana that corresponds to each zip code. If a zip code belongs to multiple cities, the accounts registered with that zip code were assigned to each city. Finally, we estimated the population of the zip codes to determine the number of cheaters per person.

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We determined the number of cheaters per person in each city and then ranked them from highest to lowest. The location in Indiana with the highest number of cheaters per person has been given the nickname “cheating central of Indiana.”


Indiana has the highest number of Ashley Madison accounts in 2024, with Monterey and Boswell being the most affected. Over 32 million accounts were created on the platform, with most created by men. The cities with the highest number of accounts per person include Monterey, Boswell, West College Corner, Alexandria, Akron, Colfax, Kempton, Aurora, Corunna, and Stablesville. The location with the highest number of cheaters has been nicknamed “cheating central of Indiana.”

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