Introducing Best RV Campgrounds in North Carolina Mountains

As someone who loves wildlife, I think North Carolina is a beautiful place to visit. There’s no denying that the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains are beautiful. They offer a wide range of outdoor activities that appeal to my sense of adventure. There are beautiful trails for hiking, lakes for fishing, exciting rapids for rafting, beautiful paths for biking, and ski slopes for skiing. This place has it all.

In addition, the lively city of Asheville is nestled in these mountains, which is very handy. I enjoy spending time in this lovely urban oasis immersed in art, enjoying a variety of delicious foods, and visiting the thriving craft brewery scene. Of course, the best part of every trip I take here is always seeing the beautiful Biltmore Estate.

Best RV Campgrounds in North Carolina Mountains

Davidson River Campground

Davidson River Campground is a great place to stay if you want to go camping in the woods of North Carolina. This campground is open all year and is only a short, beautiful drive from Asheville. It is about four miles west of Brevard and has lots of fun things for the whole family to do.

Picture yourself in the middle of Pisgah National Forest, surrounded by mile-high peaks, thick forests of hardwood and conifer trees, and beautiful waterfalls. The scenery here is truly stunning, at an elevation of 2,150 feet.

Lake Powhatan Recreation Area

My girlfriend just got back from a great camping trip at Lake Powhatan Recreation Area and Campground with her friends. She couldn’t stop telling me how great it was. It was only a 10-minute drive from Asheville, and she loved how it had both beautiful nature and easy access to culture sites.

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Pilot Mountain State Park

About 20 miles northwest of Winston-Salem is Pilot Mountain State Park, which is in the counties of Surrey and Yadkin. The experience was nothing less than amazing. The most impressive thing about the park is the famous Big Pinnacle, a natural wonder that the Saura tribe used to find their way.

Pilot Mountain State Park has some of the best outdoor activities in the country. The paths that go around the base of the mountain are where I spent my days. Along the Yadkin River, the walk up to Little Pinnacle had some of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen. Each hike was fun and gratifying because the trails were a mix of easy and difficult ones.

Julian Price

Julian Price Campground, which is on the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway, and couldn’t stop talking about it. It is known as one of the best RV campgrounds in the North Carolina mountains and has lots of things for nature fans to do.

Smokemont Campground

The Smokemont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a real gem that I got to see. It’s on a ridge that crosses the line between North Carolina and Tennessee, and camping there is very real and rustic, which I found to be both refreshing and energizing.

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